How Do You Find Yourself Spiritually in Today’s World


Last Updated on August 7, 2020

In this busy world we live in nowadays, how do you find yourself spiritually? There is so much noise going on around this that it is much harder to focus on who we are as humans and shut out the external world.

However, it is possible to stay in touch with our true selves despite the sensory barrage. However, we need to define what is is spirituality and why is it so important to the human spirit.

Spirituality is the science of self-realization. It is never centered on a single religion because spirituality goes beyond creed and fanaticism. Spirituality puts emphasis on positive human values such as compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, love and responsibility. It exists beyond the world that we know and love. Suffice it to say, spirituality is a journey that only you can take. It is the essence of your being and it connects you to the universe and the divine.

But is there a way to develop your spirituality? How do you find yourself spiritually and grow as a person? Here are ways to take you to the right direction:

How Do You Find Yourself Spiritually?

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For most of us, we juggle so many things at once. As a result, we’re frazzled, anxious, and stressed out by the day’s end. Severe mental stress could pollute the mind with negative thoughts. Do not let negativity overwhelm the mind and cloud your judgment. Make it a habit to meditate every chance you get.

michael j emery[T]he benefits of mindfulness meditation occur through intention even guided mindfulness meditation can be extremely beneficial for someone who is new to it. The intention can be likened to the simile of “emptying the cup…” Your conscious and unconscious mind is constantly bombarded by an infinite amount of information that your RAS (reticular activating system) filters through assigning degrees of importance based upon the context of information that you have been conditioned to sort for…


Just find a quiet spot in your home, sit down, close your eyes and empty your mind of distressing thoughts and negativity. Focus on your breathing as you fill your mind with positive thoughts. Let yourself relax. You can also meditate anywhere that’s close to nature, perhaps a garden or a quiet path. In the quietness, focus on the chirping of the birds, the swaying of the branches and feel in one with nature.

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Controlling Thoughts and Actions

If you’re wondering how do you find yourself spiritually, you might do it without even knowing! Controlling your thoughts is one way to develop spirituality. Thoughts affect a person’s behavior and actions. By having complete mastery of your train of thought, your spiritual self becomes stronger, wiser. When others do not influence your thoughts, your actions are not precipitated by external influence too.

Remember, everything you do is connected to your higher life, even actions that seem insignificant. Your job, the money you earn, your place in society, not one of these things matter when you look at the bigger picture. Your actions reflect who you are as a person. And to develop a life that’s grounded on spirituality, your actions must come from your own initiative.

Release Guilt

It’s so easy to get caught up in whatever actions we did right or wrong. But instead of being too hard on yourself, accept that everyone can make mistakes. Release the guilt, accept that some things are out of your hands and forgive yourself. That’s the only way to move forward and avoid living in regrets.

Do Not Judge Harshly

At some point or another, we’re all guilty of judging someone harshly. It’s normal but if you’d like to grow as a person, take this opportunity to look beyond what the eyes can see. Be open, be willing to listen. Do not be too quick to judge to find an explanation for other people’s behavior. Respect each other, empower one another and know we’re all fighting the good fight.

Be Grateful

be grateful

A grateful heart attracts miracles, it’s true. Instead of dwelling on what could’ve been, be thankful that you woke up to another beautiful day. Say a little prayer before starting a new day and always give thanks every night. You are alive, have a roof over your head, and are in good health, you have a lot to be grateful for. Remember all these whenever you’re stuck in a difficult situation or you’ve gone through a tough day.

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Serve the Community

Yes, being an active member of your local community is one way to reinforce your spiritual core. Look for ways to serve others, do good deeds without expecting a reward. Be an inspiration to others so they too will be motivated to serve the community.

kathy gottbergI must admit that most of my happiest times have occurred when I was actively engaged in helping others. That’s why it should come as no surprise that it is practically impossible to create a happy, meaningful and rewarding life without being of service to others in some way. Even more, new information about philanthropy shows that serving others ultimately serves us in many ways.

Kathy Gottberg, “Volunteering — 7 Big Reasons Why Serving Others Serves Us”

Have Faith

Believe in the divine. The human mind enabled us to turn bold ideas into innovative technologies. People has reshaped the world and changed how we live. There is a greater power that enabled us to perform these amazing feats. Ask yourself what the meaning behind all these is, learn who is in charge of the grand scheme of things and discover the reason for these miracles.


Having some time off to reflect do more than just relax the mind, it also strengthens the character and promotes a stronger spiritual self. If you can, set aside a few minutes of solitude, just reflecting on your life in general. In the quietness, turn your mind away from problems and focus your thoughts on strengthening your connection to the divine powers. Fill your heart with pleasant thoughts and open yourself up to positive energies.

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