How to Get In Touch With Your Spirituality


Last Updated on September 12, 2022

Did you know that getting in touch with your spirituality could help you lead a healthy, happy life? Too many people are living in discontent. Dissatisfaction at work or at home often leads to unhappiness and life’s too short for settling! If you want to live a rich, rewarding life being surrounded by the people you love, now’s the right time to strengthen your spiritual side! But how to get in touch with your spirituality? How do you even begin cultivating a stronger bond between the self and the soul? Here are ways to get you started:

Know Your Purpose

What are your intentions for seeking a strong spiritual side? It’s important to know the purpose as to why you want to establish a spiritual practice. This way, you’ll know if you’ve achieved all your goals throughout your journey.

If you know the reason, then say it to yourself. Something as simple as saying, “I want to learn more about spirituality” is one way to start a spiritual journey. You want to satisfy your curiosity and set the path towards your spiritual journey. 

So to start, determine your intentions and see where they lead you.


4 must know facts about meditation

Meditation helps calm the mind and nourish the soul. We live a life of distractions, with our technologies and hectic schedules. A few minutes of meditation should free the body and mind from distress and anxiety. Of course, this is easier said than done, calming the mind is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of getting in touch with your spiritual side! But to get you started, find a quiet spot in your home, sit down, light a few candles or two and close your eyes. Meditate by eliminating the day’s worries and focusing on the quietness of your surroundings. Do this at least once every day to reinvigorate the spirit and strengthen your connection to the divine. 

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Nourish the Body

The spirit is connected to the body so in your quest to seek a strong spiritual core, don’t neglect your body too.

Engaging in fulfilling activities make you feel good because these activities nourish the mind and body. So go ahead, do what you love and make the most of your day!

Instead of wasting a good day sitting in front of the computer, go out for a leisurely stroll, play your favorite sports or take your dog to the park and enjoy yourself. Sing your heart out, dance, or touch base with your friends. Have fun, express yourself and your spiritual self will grow stronger.

Open Yourself Up to the Universe

As you seek a strong bond with your spirituality, you’ll notice that the universe is sending subtle clues that will take you to the right path. Be observant. Watch out for these signs and see where they take you.

Open yourself up to the universe and let the divine powers show you which path to take. If you’re unsure, ask for a sign. Seek help from the divine and you will receive it. Request help whenever you need it and the universe will conspire to give you your heart’s desire. 

Connect with Kindred Spirits

Getting in touch with your spiritual self is a personal journey that only you can take. That said, it helps to connect with people who share the same aspirations as you do. Go out there are find people whose intentions reflect yours. There is a reason why spiritual practices are established around groups. Being a part of a group generates an energetic vibe that strengthens the spirit. 


Seek others and together, offer support and encouragements to live in the light. One way to do this is to join online communities, attend workshops, classes, or take a spiritual retreat. Educate yourself so you’ll know what steps to take to establish a stronger spiritual self. 

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Listen to Your Gut

Do you know that little voice inside your head that warns you if something is not right or knock some sense into you whenever needed? This little voice is known by many names, intuition, instinct, a gut feeling. Listen to it, this is your spiritual guide talking to you and helping you make the right decisions. Whenever that little voice calls, listen closely. Pay close attention and let it guide you towards spiritual awakening

But if say, you ignored that little voice in your head, that’s fine. Each one of us is free to make our own decisions. Deciding to take action because you want to, not because of a gut feel, is yours to make. And if you do make the wrong choice, that’s okay too. We all make mistakes and through these challenges, we gain wisdom. The point is, a spiritual journey is different from person to person. There are no hard and fast rules. Whatever ideology, philosophy or discipline you choose is up to you.

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