What Is Fire Chakra and How to Activate Manipura Chakra?


Last Updated on February 10, 2023

Let’s talk about the fire chakra a.k.a. manipura chakra. It’s also referred to as the solar plexus chakra or the third chakra. We’ll cover everything you need to know about it.

What is it? What does it do? Why is it important to know about it? Does it have any impact on your personal power?

And most importantly, how can you activate it? This way, you can begin using your fire chakra and unleash its full potential.

What is fire chakra or manipura chakra and solar plexus chakra?

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The fire or manipura chakra or the solar plexus chakra is your third chakra in the chakra wheel system or third energy center. This energy center has seven levels.

It focuses on personal power, self-esteem, and worth. It also puts emphasis on your energy and autonomy in metabolism. And as to why it’s often called the fire chakra, it’s because it consists of fire. And this fire can be activated at moderate temperatures and helps in digesting food or fuel for your life. 

Giving importance to this chakra is shouldn’t be set aside because it’s here where your strength manifests. 

The solar plexus chakra and why it’s called the third chakra

The solar plexus chakra’s position is in the third position in the chakra wheel system and can be described as “four fingers across from the belly.”  For this very reason, it’s why it’s called the third chakra. Sometimes, it’s also referred to as the naval chakra.

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Facts about this fiery chakra:

  • Name meaning: A lustrous gem in India and the word “manipura” signifies a lustrous jewel. Jewels associated with the chakras are beneficial for the digestive system.
  • Location: In the abdomen from under the stomach and belly button up through chests 
  • Color: Yellow 
  • Associations: Fire element
  • Signs of a balanced and healthy third chakra: Dependability, skillful self-expression habits, confidence, and the presence of an inner fire
  • Signs of a blocked third chakra: Aggressive behavior, having no control over their emotions, zero confidence, problems with identifying emotions, challenges with their personal will, and difficulty making decisions
  • Effects of a blocked third chakra: Digestive system disorders and eating disorders

A deeper understanding of the power of the solar plexus chakra


Your third chakra is a powerful center of energy. This is the foundation of the world. Above other things, it helps to maintain survival, foundation, and loyalty within one’s tribe.

The solar plexus chakra extends about six to seven inches over the abdomen in the diaphragm. It’s connected to the liver, gall bladder, stomach, and pancreas. It also regulates its adrenal gland which produces adrenaline and cortisol. 

Like the sun, manipura has a yellow color that relates to the elements of fire. It is the underlying chakra that controls the epigastric nerves in your gut and is therefore in charge of regulating your metabolism. 

It’s also referred to as the “second brain”. This is because it’s the home of the digestive system — the system that can give fuel to your body and cause it to work.

What happens when the solar plexus or manipura chakra is imbalanced?

A blocked solar plexus or manipura chakra can affect an individual’s personal and professional life. And it’s detectable through a person’s behavior. For one, low self-esteem, the inability to fight overthinking, and aggressive behavior are signs.

If a person shows aggression, they may have trouble in key areas of their life. And one of the best ways of helping them is by allowing them to see their behavior. In other words, allow them to see their behavior from a general perspective.

If they can admit the problems that exist in their behavior, there’s a good chance of them getting better with guidance and the activation of their solar plexus chakra. Simply be there for them and act with compassion towards them.

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Meanwhile, if they don’t see anything wrong despite demonstrations of their aggression, it’s going to be challenging to help them get better. It’s possible, of course, and you can help them by encouraging them to activate their solar plexus chakra.

How to activate manipura chakra

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During the process, you can hold onto a sense of personal power and confidence. Don’t start with the notion you are completely powerless. Doing so will decrease the likelihood of activating this chakra permanently.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1 – Work on your core strength

Get physical and get in shape. How you accomplish this is up to you. The idea is to work on your core muscles to develop your core’s strength and stability.

Some people get around to some hardcore exercises. Other people, meanwhile, settle for light exercises that help them stimulate key areas around their core.

A great approach is to perform a sequence of yoga poses and meditation rituals. If you make this a habit, it will make you physically stronger. Not only that, but it’ll also help you gain self-belief, high self-esteem, and mental acuity. 

Step 2 – Let go of toxic situations

Evaluate your current situation and identify the type of energies hauled in by all the elements in your life. Make a list and categorize the elements into two — the elements linked to positive energy and the elements linked to negative energy.

Then go through all the items and acknowledge their purpose in your life. Be grateful for everything because, in one way or another, it contributed to your present life. After acknowledging what they do for you, prepare to eliminate everything associated with negative energy.

A simple approach that can help you is to reverse negative thought patterns and repeat positive affirmations or mantras. Come up with a mantra that’ll remind you of good things in favor of what you’ll let go of.

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For example, you can use this mantra: “I need to remove these elements in my life. It’s ideal for my self-esteem and personal power. And it’s the only way for greater things to have a place.”

Step 3 – Breathe and continue to create positive change

Now, comfort yourself with the realization you’ve already done everything in your inherent power to be in a better place. At this point, your fire chakra is working wonders. And it’ll continue to work wonders unless you give it a reason to stop.

So simply maintain your state. As these enlightening short stories about spirituality can tell you, never forget your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Practice breath (pranayama) of fire, too. It’s a powerful breathing technique that cleanses and ignites your inner fire. It also builds heat in your physical body.

To practice the breath of fire, follow these steps:

  1. Sit straight.
  2. Breathe in, breathe out. Take deep breaths.
  3. Breathe in, breathe out again but do them in shorter times.

Step 4 – Prioritize your wellness

Get enough rest, eat nutritious food, get rid of stress, exercise, and more. Make it a habit to focus on the healthy alignment of all seven chakras and engage in activities that can improve your well-being.


This chakra represents the center or near-center of all your energy systems. The fire component burns all the negativity and manifests and sustains the positive.

As long as this chakra is balanced, it’ll always help improve physical, mental, and emotional health. 

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