How to Make a Chakra Bracelet: 4 Easy Steps


Last Updated on December 20, 2022

Other than balancing your overall outfit, chakra bracelets can also help you restore balance and harmony in life. People believe that using accessories with elements that have healing properties invite positive vibrations. They regard these as instruments that radiate restorative frequencies in our bodies.

The crystals and colored beads used to create chakra bracelets are a powerful tool that helps with the smooth flow of energy. They help balance the seven key energy points we have in our bodies and restore the alignment of our chakras. So some people place these crystals or accessories on a specific part of their body that needs healing.

Chakras have a tendency to fall out of balance when we expose ourselves to negativity and stressful elements. We cannot avoid this because we inevitably absorb the energy of all objects and experiences that we encounter. So some people use tools like pieces of jewelry or chakra bracelets and keep them close wherever they go.

In this article, you will learn how to make a chakra bracelet for yourself and the considerations you need to take into account when sourcing the materials.

Chakra imbalances and the right gemstones

Before you learn how to make a chakra bracelet, know which chakra bracelet and crystal are the right ones for you. Focus on the parts of your body and aspects of your life that need healing. It will help to gain insights into the chakra imbalances and the effects they have on your overall well-being.

Root chakra

This governs our sense of stability and survival instincts. When there is an imbalance in this energy center, you feel unsafe, anxious, and unstable. Physical symptoms include lower-back pain and ailments in the feet and legs.

The chakra stones with the red or black color like red jasper, ruby, black onyx, and garnet help give a sense of security. Create a chakra bracelet using one of these crystals to stabilize your energy and physical strength.

Sacral chakra

This energy center is responsible for the smooth flow of your creative and sexual energies. You may have emotional instability when this chakra is blocked and unbalanced. The imbalance also causes a lack of creativity.

Orange chakra stones like tiger’s eye and citrine may help unblock your sacral chakra and regain balance. Ward off emotional pain and fear and stabilize your vitality and sexuality with these orange-colored gemstones.

Solar plexus chakra

Your solar plexus chakra rules your motivation and expression of will. You will experience indecisiveness and difficulty in making tough decisions when you have an unbalanced solar plexus chakra. It may also cause some digestive-related health issues as this chakra governs your digestive-related organs.

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Amber and lemon quartz are just two many yellow-colored crystals you can use to balance your solar plexus chakra. They exude brightness and vibrancy, which signifies optimism and positivity.

Heart chakra

This energy center rules your ability to love and be compassionate with others. Once this chakra falls out of balance, you will feel isolated and have issues with your relationships. A blocked heart chakra may also cause anger, hatred, and jealousy.

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The gemstone that can help you balance this energy point are the ones that come in green and pink hues. Green represents life and nature while people associate pink with love. Emerald, jade, and rose quartz are the perfect crystals to use when you make your chakra bracelet.

Throat chakra

The throat chakra covers all aspects of communication and your ability to express yourself. An unbalanced throat chakra leads to an inability to speak the truth and express your mind. Blue-colored stones like lapis lazuli can help you maintain balance in this energy point.

Third-eye chakra

This energy point makes you more receptive to energies around you. Indigo-colored crystals like amethyst and sodalite can help you maintain balance in this chakra. Use these gemstones in your chakra bracelet to balance and improve your intuition.

Crown chakra

An unbalanced crown chakra causes a feeling of disconnection and isolation. To align and balance this energy point, you may use crystals that come in violet and white colors. These gemstones, when used in your chakra armlet, will help you get to connect to the highest state of spirituality.

Making a simple chakra bracelet

Making a simple chakra braceletPin

Now it’s time to source your materials and start making your bracelet. Take into consideration which of your energy centers need healing and which stones to use. Below is a list of materials to use and a step-by-step guide.

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  • Beads and chakra stones. Choose the ones that heal a specific energy center or have one for each chakra. Have some sandalwood beads or black beads as a spacer.
  • Elastic string. Look for a clear elastic band or string that can fit exactly in the beads’ opening.
  • Scissors. You’re going to need this by the time you finish stringing the beads.


  1. The first step is to wrap the elastic band around your wrist, then tie a knot at one end.
  2. Begin stringing your gemstones, one on top of another. If you have one gemstone per chakra, place them in order by starting with the root chakra bead, followed by the sacral chakra bead, then the solar plexus bead, the heart chakra bead, the throat chakra bead, the third eye bead, and last, the crown chakra bead. If you only have one kind of crystal and are working on to heal a specific chakra, you may create a string of these beads of the same color.
  3. You may continue by stringing the sandalwood beads or the black beads after you’re done with the colored gemstones. You may also opt to string the colored beads and the sandalwood and black beads alternately.
  4. Measure your wrist again by wrapping the string with beads around your wrist and create a knot. Tie the two ends of the elastic band, knot off, and cut the remaining.


Chakra bracelets are the ideal accessories if you truly believe in their power and ability to heal. You may use them to complete your outfit and maintain balance in your chakras. Take note that these armlets don’t work by themselves and they should also work with other forms of healing like self-cleansing and meditation.

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