How to Meditate with Chakra Stones: A Quick Guide


Last Updated on November 28, 2020

Meditation is a technique when a person focuses his or her mind on a specific object or thought and achieves a sense of calmness on both mental and emotional levels.

The practice of meditation is a custom enacted in different religious traditions and has been part of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Over the centuries, this custom has spread to other cultures with its application associated not only with spiritual healing but also with health, and wellness in the workplace.

For a person’s physical and psychological state, meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety and it improves perception.

From a spiritual context, it helps a person get into his or her highest level of consciousness to determine which aspect of his or her life he or she needs to focus on.

People give credence to meditation as one of the effective energy healing techniques, encompassing a person’s energy fields. It works hand in hand with one’s primary energy centers known as chakras.

Over the years, people have learned how to use this technique with other healing tools like chakra stones.

Using gemstones to balance energies and chakras have become popular. People use specific crystals that have healing properties, to address a particular energy center or life aspect that needs healing. In this article, I will give you some insights on how to meditate with chakra stones.

Choosing the right crystals

Using healing crystals can help you have a focused outcome with your meditation, addressing a specific aspect in line with the intention you set. Whether you are just starting out or have been doing this for a while, crystals help you get into concentration and mindfulness.

Different crystals have distinctive healing properties, thus, it is essential to choose the right one for your meditation. There are some gemstones that we universally use for this healing technique, and there are some crystals used to heal a specific chakra.

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Clear quartz

This energy crystal that emits high vibrations and energy helps clear yourself with any mental and emotional clutter. Using this crystal with your meditation gives you a sense of clarity in setting your goals and the actions you need to take to reach them. Clear quartz can help you set and accomplish new goals in whatever aspect of your life.

Decluttering your mind with external and internal pressures can help you set focus on what you want in life. The clear quartz gemstone also helps you make the right decision towards achieving the intention and goal you set for yourself.

Palm stone

This gemstone helps one get into a deep meditative state. People hold these rounded stones in their palms as they seek stillness and calmness while practicing meditation. A palm stone on hand helps relieve tension in the body and relaxes one’s mind.

The appearance and texture of the palm stones make them easy to carry and a perfect decor element. People display them at home or any space where they want to have a sense of peace. For some, they carry the palm stones with them as a protective element against harmful and negative energies.


Selenites open the connection between one’s spiritual and earthly wisdom. Through its color and light vibration, selenite elevates a person’s conscious mind during meditation. It gives a person clarity to focus on resolving the issues at hand.

Chakra-specific stones

Chakra-specific stones

Selenite, palm stone, and clear quartz are the gemstones most often used in meditation, but there are many crystals that you can also use in healing a specific energy center or chakra. We associate each of the major chakras in our body with specific colors and gemstones that help balance and heal our energy fields. Below is a quick rundown of the seven primary chakras and their respective healing stones.

  • Root chakra stones. Black onyx, ruby, red jasper, hematite, black obsidian, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, and garnet are the root chakra’s healing crystals that help make one feel grounded, secured, and stable.
  • Sacral chakra stones. Carnelian, tiger’s eye, citrine, and fire opal are healing crystals that heal and balance your sacral chakra, giving a boost to your sexual and creative drive, enhancing your passion, and building your confidence.
  • Solar plexus chakra stones. Crystals like yellow citrine, yellow jasper, golden heliodor, lemon quartz, pyrite, and amber uplift self-love, sel-worth, and self-esteem.
  • Heart chakra stones. Rose quartz, rhodochrosite, jade, emerald, amazonite, and malachite remove emotional blockages, making one easy to forgive, love oneself, give love to others, and build positive relationships with people around him or her.
  • Throat chakra stones. Aquamarine, lapis lazuli, blue kyanite, amazonite, and sodalite are the healing crystals of your throat chakra, responsible for communication and speaking the truth.
  • Third-eye chakra stones. Gemstones like charoite, moldavite, sodalite, ilolite, labradorite, and amethyst help improve your intuition and receptivity to energy.
  • Crown chakra stones. Amethyst, selenite, diamond, and clear quartz remove blockages from your energy and auric fields and help you be in the highest state of your spirituality.
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Ready-to-buy Chakra Stones

Meditating with healing crystals

Once you have chosen your tools and the gemstones, you can use for your contemplation, then it’s time to know how to get started. If you are new to meditation and using chakra crystals for the said practice, here are some tips to guide you:

Finding peace of mind and heart

Every meditation needs a quiet place to ease your mind and set your focus. Find a quiet place away from the distracting noises where you can concentrate and feel comfortable. Apart from the physical space, it’s important to find peace in your heart and in your mind.

Some people believe that self-cleansing of negativity is an important element that helps a meditation work. To be totally at peace and get into the highest level of your consciousness, get away from distractions and away from negative thoughts and emotions. You may recite some mantras and prayers that will make you feel good and ward off all the negativity.

Placing your crystals nearby

Whether you lay them on the floor or put them somewhere near, sit with your crystals when doing your meditation. Close your eyes and set your focus on your calm breathing. By being calm, you would also feel and resonate with the energy of your chosen gemstones.

Let the energy of the crystals fill the atmosphere, your mind, and your emotions. You may leave them as is or hold them in your hands during your contemplation.

Visualizing your intention

At every start of meditation, it’s important to set your intentions straight. This is for you to know if you can achieve success with the healing session. Some people write it down on a piece of paper before the start of the session, while some keep them in mind all throughout.

Be it a personal goal or something that you want to resolve around people or certain circumstances, visualizing the positive outcome can help with your meditation. Coupled with the use of the right gemstones, healing that aspect of your life and attaining your preferred outcome help make the meditation work.

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Meditating with healing crystals is beneficial to one’s mind, body, and spirit. It helps every once in a while to take a step back, relax your mind, and focus on yourself and the things you’ve been taking for granted. Meditation helps you identify the need, which you sometimes overlook because you are busy with what’s happening around you.

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