What is Prana Healing: Everything You Need to Know


Last Updated on October 31, 2022

Ancient people across different cultures and traditions have been believers of the life force known as “prana.” It is a Sanskrit term which means life force, breath, vital air, or principle of life. They believe that the vital energy permeates everything that exists in the physical world.

Prana has many names across different beliefs, cultures, and regions. It is known as “prana” in yoga, “chi” in acupuncture, referred to as “mana” by kahunas, and “Ki” in martial arts. From the Greek philosophers’ point of view, they refer to prana as “pneuma,” while the bible refers to it as “Ruah or “manna.”

Based on the belief in the energy that flows in our body, prana has an innate ability to heal. People associate it with positive energy and vibration that sustains us physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

In this article, you will learn how and when the pranic healing originated and the benefits of using prana to heal and help others.

Origin of prana healing

We know that the use of prana in healing has been around in the historic times. Shamans and healers from ancient civilizations used energy healing, including the Indian rishis, Tibetan monks, and many others. At present, people are still using pranic healing not just to heal, but also to maintain balance and harmony in all aspects of one’s health.

Did you know that prana healing was founded in the Philippines? Below are some insights on when and where this system of healing originated and how it works.

The founder of prana healing

Master Choa Kok Sui founded pranic healing in 1987. Master Sui was born in the Philippines, in a place with a multi-faith and multi-cultural influence. He pursued the spiritual path at a young age and eventually studied healing arts and esoteric teachings.

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Master Sui studied Tai chi, Shamanic healing, magnetic healing, psychic healing, and hatcha yoga. These are only a few of the many forms of esoteric teachings. It took him many years of study and experimentation to transform healing arts and form a scientific evidence of their effectiveness.

He discovered prana’s ability to heal and intended to use this energy to ease the pains of human beings. In his studies and process of discovery, he has worked with a lot of techniques to get rid of negative energies and replace them with fresh life energy.

The prana healing foundations

1987 was the same year when Master Choa Kok Sui established the Institute for Inner Studies in Quezon City. It is his goal to spread the word about prana and make pranic healing known to the world. A few years later, the World Pranic Healing Foundation was built to help the countries in need. In 2002, the Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines was founded.

The belief in pranic healing is existent in different cultures and continents. The teachings about the prana energy and its ability to heal continue to spread globally, even after Master Sui’s passing in the year 2007. This was possible through the global organizations that he built over the years of his study about the life force energy.

How does prana healing works?

The healer practices this kind of healing without touching his or her patient. He or she uses the universal life force energy to balance, cleanse, and energize a patient’s body’s energy field. It also complements chakra healing for energy balance and pain relief.

The patient may sit or lie down in a comfortable and quiet and conducive therapy room with lit chakra candles. With a non-invasive system, the healer will first use his or her hands to scan the patient’s body for any energy blockages and imbalances. After removing the blockages and negative energies, the healer will then replenish the patient’s energy for pranic healing.

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The prana healing benefits

prana healing benefits

All of our life’s encounters and in everything we do, we emit and absorb energies that cause us negativity. In the long run, these negative energies manifest themselves through physical symptoms. This is where prana healing can help.

With pranic energy and healing technique, healers can detect these energy blockages and in what particular part of the body that needs healing. Below are some benefits of pranic healing:

  • Pain relief. Prana energy healing helps ease the pain of a patient. It also gives you a relief from some major illnesses that involve a patient’s heart, liver, kidney, and eyes.
  • Energy and happiness. Being happy and energetic are the outcomes we want from pranic healing. This form of energy healing increases energy and helps with one’s emotional health.
  • Inner peace. Prana healing cleanses and removes all blockages in your body caused by mental and emotional baggage, It reduces stress and gives you inner peace so can open yourself more to positivity.


Apart from relieving pain and improving one’s stamina, prana healing helps with our mental and emotional health. It complements other treatments and forms of healing that aim to balance our body’s energy centers and helps maintain a positive aura. It’s important to note that prana healing teaches us to take care of ourselves even more and don’t just rely on energy to heal our wounds.

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