How To Use Chakra Candles The Right Way


Last Updated on December 5, 2022

We associate our body’s key energy centers or energy wheels with symbols, characteristics, and elements. Colors and their corresponding healing properties represent the key energy vortexes governing certain parts of our body and aspects of our lives.

More often than not, we give great importance to the chakra colors when choosing the tools to heal and balance a specific energy point. People use colored gemstones to make pieces of jewelry like chakra bracelets and chakra wands. Jade and emerald, for example, are green-colored crystals that help heal the heart chakra, which we associate with the green color.

Just like the gemstones, people find the power of candle effective in terms of healing and meditation. Candles make a pleasant atmosphere in your space and can help ward off negative energies. When combined with the right colors and aromas, candles can be a great tool for your chakras and for healing your body, mind, and soul.

In this article, you will learn more about:

  • the meaning of the chakra candles and their colors
  • how to use chakra candles for healing and meditation.

The meaning of chakra candles

The meaning of chakra candles

As mentioned above, there are specific colors that correspond to and represent each of the key energy centers. One has its own characteristic and healing property that helps a chakra maintain its balance. Like the seven primary chakras and the chakra bracelet color meaning, there are seven chakra candles and colors that you can use.

It is important to understand the meaning of the colors to identify which chakra candle is best for you. This also helps you assess which specific energy center or aspect in your life is most in need of healing.

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Red candles

Use red candles to stimulate personal power, vitality, energy, stability, and physical health. It represents the root chakra that rules our survival instincts and stability. We also know red chakra candles as money candles that help you achieve goals in the physical world.

Orange candles

Orange is the color for fertility and creativity and it represents the sacral chakra that governs your creative and sexual energies. They unclog your sacral chakra and make you let go of the past, keep your creative energy flowing, and bring back your sexual drive. Orange chakra candles are also for love, which helps you openly relate with others.

Yellow candles

yellow candles

The yellow color effuses positive energy with its brightness similar to the rays of the sun. It represents the solar plexus chakra, the key energy point responsible for your personal power and self-confidence. Use yellow-colored candles for protection and to give yourself uplifting energy and a confidence boost.

Green candles

The color of nature and life, green is the color element of the heart chakra. Use green candles to heal this energy center, easily forgive others, and transform negative energy and emotions into love and compassion. These are healing candles that can help you open a blocked heart chakra caused by painful experiences.

Blue candles

The color of throat chakra is blue, and we associate both the energy point and the color with self-expression. Using chakra candles that come in blue helps you balance and heal this wheel of energy. Use these candles to drive positive energy in your life.

Indigo candles

We associate the third-eye chakra with indigo, a color that supports one’s clarity and inner wisdom. Use these candles to help heal and open this chakra, especially when you need to enhance your intuitive ability. Also, indigo colors will help you attract unlimited power and resources for abundance.

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Purple candles

Located on top of your head is the crown chakra, which rules your consciousness and spiritual wisdom. We link violet as the color that represents one’s higher level of spirituality. Use purple-colored candles to invite happiness as you surrender to the higher power.

Using the chakra candles

Using the chakra candles

Like any other meditation and healing method, you have to first set your intention before lighting the chakra candles. Either you write them on paper or take a few moments to visualize your intention.

Find a quiet place with dimmed lights, so that the candle flame would shine through when you light them. Any candle size will work but you may start with an 11oz chakra energy candle first.

You can use one candle at a time, or burn over one candle. When lighting multiple candles, make sure you do it in a clockwise direction. This is so you’ll have a continuous flow and cycle of protection.

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Chakra candles can help cleanse and balance your energy centers and foster wellness in body, mind, and spirit. It’s essential that you understand the use of each candle and what specific aspect and issue it covers. It’s also important that you identify your needs and which of your chakras needs healing.

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