Which Wrist to Wear Chakra Bracelet: Left or Right?


Last Updated on December 5, 2022

Hands are our body’s primary creation point, as a lot of things can be done using our hands. Your wrists are part of your hand that bridges the arm and the forearm. Both of your hands and wrists are concentrated energy fields that can emit and receive energy.

Our wrists and hands connect to our wheels of energy as we take action and make our intentions happen. Our chakras cover specific aspects of our lives that we need to address, while our hands and wrists most often do the work. We use them to make gestures when speaking when we express ourselves through creativity, and when we touch and connect with objects and people.

In the meridian system context, there is a path in our body where the energy flows. The spinning wheels of energy known as chakras work in meridian, and so as our hands and wrists. So, wearing a chakra bracelet on your left wrist, for example, may have a different effect from having it on your right wrist.

In this article, you will have insights on:

  • how chakra bracelets work and what benefits you can get from them
  • chakra bracelets meaning
  • the difference between wearing your chakra bracelet on your left and right wrist

Wearing a chakra bracelet

Ancient people believe in the chakras’ healing powers, long before modern medicine came into play. They give credence to these wristlets made of healing crystals that can absorb all the negative energy. These chakra bracelets help one get rid of blockages, open chakras and keep his or her energy centers work in harmony.

People also used chakra bracelets in ancient years to handle pain, addiction cases, psychological issues, and many others. They have been part of their culture, in which both males and females wear bracelets to keep their chakras and energy pathways in balance. Up to this day, people wear chakra bracelets not just for spiritual healing, but to give an accent to their overall look and outfit.

Others may not believe in the chakras bracelet meaning and ability to heal. Some give importance to chakras, gemstones, pendulums, and the way they use them as part of one’s spiritual healing.

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How chakra bracelets work

What does a chakra bracelet do? The efficacy of chakra bracelets comes from the level of energy of the gemstones used. These crystals have unique healing characteristics that absorb the negative energy and heal a specific chakra imbalance. You can easily identify which crystal to use by its color.

We associate the seven major chakras with crystals and color elements. With this, you can easily determine which chakra stones work best with your bracelet. Some choose just one color while others prefer all the chakra colors in one.

However, the chakra bracelets, and other healing tools like chakra candles, do not work alone. They will work if you work with them too. Believe in its ability to heal and clear your mind of negativity for the wristlet to work for you.

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Benefits of chakra bracelets

The wearers and believers of healing tools such as chakra candles and bracelets feel a state of calmness and a sense of clarity. They heal our chakras and make them work in unison, thus affecting our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. They heal specific chakras and aspects of our lives that need our attention.

As mentioned, the healing crystals make up a chakra bracelet, and they do come in different colors. Red crystals like ruby and red jasper for example can heal our root chakra, which governs our sense of security and stability. Rose quartz, which comes in light pink, can heal our heart chakra, which rules love and compassion. While clear quartz is associated with the crown chakra which helps increase your inner awareness.

Wearing a chakra bracelet on your left wrist

Wearing a chakra bracelet on your left wrist

Have you ever asked yourself, which wrist to wear my crystal bracelet on?

Your left hand is the receptor of energy coming from the external world, connecting the outside to the inside. It is your receiving hand and we often associate it with one’s feminine side also known as the “yin.” Our left hand and wrist are connected to our dreams, subconscious mind, and other creative things.

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Our left wrist relates to our emotions, personal growth, and relationships. Below are the energy and benefits you get when you wear the following gemstones on your left hand:

  • Self-Love. The pink tourmaline uplifts self-esteem, boosting one’s self-love. It makes you love yourself so you’d have more love to give to others. This crystal also attracts compassion from people around you.
  • Loving energy. Use rose quartz crystal in your chakra bracelet if you want to work on your love and relationships. Build and maintain a positive connection with family and friends and even work on your life’s romantic side.
  • Stress-free. If you want to rid yourself of negative thoughts and emotions that are causing your stress, then you have to use amethyst. Have this crystal in your chakra bracelet and you will reduce the stress that you absorb from objects, people, and situations you encounter.
  • Passion. The red carnelian boosts your sexual drive and attraction. Wear a bracelet with this chakra stone to amplify happiness and love in your life.

Wearing a chakra bracelet on your right wrist

Your right hand and wrist can release internal and negative energies of your body. It embodies your active projection of energy, being the hand that represents the “yang.” It helps you with communication and connecting with people.

The right hand is also your giving hand, so it releases something from within. Wearing a chakra bracelet on your right risk can help you release negative or positive energies.

  • Self-confidence. Wearing a chakra bracelet with a tiger’s eye makes you feel confident. When you wear it on your right wrist, you can influence the people surrounding you. In delivering a speech, for example, your audience will be receptive to how you express and project yourself.
  • Positive aura. A chakra bracelet with an amethyst crystal helps you create a relaxed aura. It affects the people around you and the environment you are in.
  • Toxic energy. If you want to get rid of blockages and emotional baggage, then wear on your right wrist a bracelet with black onyx.
  • Loving energy. Use a rose quartz crystal on your bracelet and wear it on your right wrist to spread love. This will help you become a loving person towards your colleagues and neighbors.
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Your chakra bracelets can aid with healing your energy centers, especially with the right gemstones, and when you wear it on a suitable wrist. You can also wear the crystals on both hands, depending on what your expected outcome is. Rose quartz, for example, is a stone for love, so can wear on both hands to give and receive love.

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