What Stones Are in a Chakra Bracelet?


Last Updated on August 15, 2022

Chakra bracelets give your energy centers a boost and keep all of them in balance. We deal with a lot of stressors every day, causing an imbalance in all chakras. It is essential to use healing accessories like chakra bracelets to regain balance and have all the key chakras work in harmony.

Some people look at chakra wristlets as simple accessories that complement one’s style and fashion. For some, however, chakra bracelets can aid a person to live a balanced and healthy life.

What stones are in a chakra bracelet? Whether you buy a ready-made chakra bracelet or not, it’s great to know more about the stones that make up your bracelet.

You may opt to buy a pre-made one from stores or make your own. Stones or crystals that come in different forms, colors, and healing properties make up a chakra bracelet. When using this tool for healing a specific aspect of your life, it’s important to choose the right crystal to use.

In this article, you will have an insight into:

  • the stones that correspond to each of the major chakras
  • the benefits of using a chakra bracelet
  • the right position of the stones when making a chakra bracelet

What chakra bracelet stone to use

Tiny decorative beads, crystals, and stones usually make up a piece of jewelry. When choosing or making a chakra bracelet, choosing the right stone to use is an essential part of the process.

People learned to use chakra bracelets for protection and healing the energy centers in our body. Certain stones, gems, or crystals have certain levels of energy that help deal with chakra imbalance. Each has a unique healing property that people usually associate with colors and meanings.

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Chakra stones

Chakra stones

As mentioned, the healing crystals make up chakra bracelet stones meaning, and they do come in different colors. Red crystals like ruby and red jasper for example can heal your root chakra, which governs your sense of security and stability. Rose quartz, which comes in light pink, can heal our heart chakra, which rules love and compassion.

  • Black and red stones. Onyx, red jasper, garnet, hematite, and pyrite are the right gemstones for your root chakra. These stones keep you grounded, confident, and secured.
  • Orange-colored stones. Tiger’s eye, amber resin, carnelian, and citrine are gemstones that can heal your sacral chakra. They help boost one’s pleasure, happiness, and creativity.
  • Yellow gemstones. Golden topaz, yellow jasper, and amber are gemstones used to heal the solar plexus chakra. Use these in your bracelet for self-esteem and confidence.
  • Green and pink stones. Emerald, amazonite, jade, and rose quartz are the right stones to heal and balance your heart chakra. They help open one’s heart for forgiveness, love, and compassion.
  • Blue-colored gemstones. Aquamarine, blue turquoise, and lapis lazuli are examples of crystals that can heal your throat chakra. These blue-colored gemstones help you express yourself and speak the truth.
  • Indigo stones. These are good for your third-eye chakra. Use sodalite, labradorite, and iolite for your chakra bracelet if you want to improve your intuitive ability.
  • Violet or white gemstones. People associate diamond, amethyst, and clear quartz with the crown chakra. Use these gemstones in your chakra wristlet to help you reach a higher state of consciousness.

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Using spacer beads

Spacer beads are the ones you put in between the main crystals you choose for your chakra bracelets. Even if their primary purpose is to draw attention to the gemstones, it’s also great to use great spacer beads like lava rocks. We commonly use these stones for grounding and protection.

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Benefits of chakra bracelets

By choosing the right stones to use for your chakra bracelet, you can reap the benefits of using the tool for healing. The bracelet can help in a lot of ways, depending on the wearer’s intention.

Alternative healing

In energy healing and chakras, wearing a chakra bracelet can help improve one’s physical well-being. The stones in the bracelet have energies that address physical health problems, and emotional issues that often manifest through physical symptoms. Know which energy center needs your attention and choose the right gemstones for your chakra bracelets to address it.

Mental Clarity

A chakra bracelet helps sharpen one’s mental focus, thus, it is good to wear a chakra bracelet while practicing meditation. Chakra bracelets also give you a sense of clarity, so wear one if you need to clear your mind off stressful thoughts.



The chakra bracelets help one’s body and mind conscious of their mental state. The gemstones used in a chakra bracelet help transmute negative energy to positive energy. Gain a positive outlook in life and complement that positive attitude by wearing chakra bracelets.

Chakra bracelet stone placement

Each chakra stone has a specific vibration frequency that radiates with a specific energy point. They say that it is most effective if you place the stones on your body or keep the chakra bracelet close to you all the time. Place them in a specific area in your body that needs healing.

Some begin their healing process by placing the stones in order, starting from the root chakra upwards. The same thing when making a chakra bracelet, position the stones in this order: root chakra stones, sacral chakra stones, solar plexus chakra stones, heart chakra stones, throat chakra stones, third-eye chakra stones, and then crown chakra stones.


You may wear a bracelet with all the chakra stones in it, or wear one using the gemstones that focus only on one specific chakra. Some people wear chakra bracelets to heal a specific energy center or an aspect of their life, while others keep a chakra wristlet close to them all the time for grounding and protection.

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Keep in mind that the effectiveness of the chakra bracelets does not just depend on the kinds of crystals used. It is essential that the wearers believe that these chakra bracelets can help heal. Set a clear intention and work with the bracelet and towards your intention.

The key to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life is not just about wearing a chakra bracelet. The chakra bracelets and any other healing tools and practices do not work alone. Believe in their ability to heal and also do your part in improving your mindset and improving your lifestyle.

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