What Are The 7 Chakra Stones: Meaning, Uses, And More!


Last Updated on November 1, 2020

Chakras are revolving energy centers in our body that empower us on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. We have 7 chakras or key energy points that allow a smooth flow of frequency and vibration. They help us live a fulfilled and happy life when they maintain balance and work in harmony.

Also depicted as cosmic energy wheels, the 7 chakras govern the organs and parts of your body where they are located. Apart from the physical aspect, these energies rule certain elements and represent a color with the corresponding gemstone for healing.

We know that our daily encounters with objects, people, and events influence our chakras. They may either block our energy centers or make them fall out of balance. Blocked and unbalanced chakras lead to adverse effects on our body, mind, and spirit.

This is where the chakra stones can help. People have used healing crystals and gemstones in ancient times to cure diseases and for spiritual remedial purposes. They help balance the life force energy in us and make us attuned in all aspects of ourselves.

Energy stones may not fall under the category of living things, but they possess mystical powers. Each has its unique properties for healing and balancing our chakras. In this article, you will learn more about the crystals that can help open and balance each of our major energy points.

Red and Black Chakra Stones

what are the 7 chakra stones - ruby

Black onyx, ruby, red jasper, hematite, black obsidian, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, and garnet are examples of crystals with the red and black hue. The red color represents the life force within our body while black signifies stability and support.

The red and black chakra stones help cleanse and balance the root chakra, which gives us a sense of survival, safety, and security. Blockages on this energy point leave us feeling unstable, thus, we need to balance it with the help of red- and black-colored gemstones.

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The Root Chakra Crystals

  • Black onyx, ruby, and red jasper help in developing your physical strength, stabilizing your energy, and overcoming exhaustion.
  • Hematite transforms a stressful environment into a tranquil place.
  • Black obsidian and smoky quartz ward off negativity and dissipate energy.
  • Black tourmaline serves as a shield that blocks all the unhelpful and unhealthy elements.
  • Garnet is a stone for health and assists the flow of energy.

Orange Chakra Stones

Carnelian, tiger’s eye, orange calcite, copper, vanadinite, citrine, and fire opalare the gemstones with the orange shade.The color of creativity and fertility, orange points to the sacral chakra which governs your sexual and creative energies.

A lack of inspiration and fear of change are a couple effects of a blocked and unbalanced sacral chakra. Using orange-colored stones may help balance this energy center.

The sacral chakra stones:

  • Carnelian and tiger’s eye build courage and confidence as they dispel emotional fear and pain.
  • Orange calcite and vanadinite help revitalize and increase your sexual energy while copper stabilizes vitality, desire, and sexuality.
  • Vanadinite stimulates action and boosts creativity while citrine awakens your creative imagination.
  • Fire opal awakens physical intimacy and helps enhance the passion in relationships.

Yellow Chakra Stones

Gemstones like yellow citrine, yellow jasper, golden heliodor, amber, lemon quartz, and pyrite exude optimism and positivity. Each comes in a shade of yellow which signifies such positive healing property. This color supports the solar plexus chakra as it emulates the color of sunshine and vibrant energy.

This is the energy center that governs your expression of will and the ability to make tough decisions. The signs of imbalance with this chakra include low self-esteem and indecisiveness. Hence, a need to use the power of yellow-colored gems and stones to boost your confidence.

The solar plexus chakra stones

  • Yellow citrine, yellow jasper, and golden heliodor are crystals good for self-esteem.
  • Amber gives you mental clarity and confidence.
  • Lemon Quartz is the gem for self-love and self-worth, and it clears all negative thinking.
  • Pyrite boosts your motivation that makes you move forward in life.

Pink and Green Chakra Stones

what are the 7 chakra stones - rose quartz

Rose quartz, rhodochrosite, emerald, jade, amazonite, and malachite are stones that come in pink and green colors. Green is the color of life, nature, and healing, while we associate pink with love and passion. These colors represent the heart chakra known as the chakra of love and compassion.

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An unbalanced heart chakra may cause problems with relationships and a feeling of isolation. Therefore, it is essential to maintain its equilibrium for all the energy points to work harmoniously with pink and green gemstones.

The heart chakra stones

  • Rose Quartz purifies the heart and helps deepen your relationships
  • Rhodochrosite removes blockages caused by painful experiences and encourages selfless love.
  • Emerald brings balance to any relationship and helps enhance unconditional love.
  • Jade increases love and brings luck to your relationships.
  • Amazonite brings balance to controlling behavior and allows loving and honest communication.
  • Malachite transforms negative energies of heartaches to make yourself free of emotional baggage.

Blue Chakra Stones

Gems like aquamarine, lapis lazuli, angelite, amazonite, blue kyanite, and sodalite have a calming and soothing blue shade. We associate the blue color with the throat chakra, which lets you open yourself up and speak the truth.

Blockages on your throat chakra make it hard for you to express yourself and difficult to pay attention. Blue-colored crystals can help find balance in your throat chakra.

The throat chakra stones

  • Aquamarine enhances your communication abilities and encourages honesty.
  • Lapis lazuli stimulates mental clarity and self-expression while angelite helps you speak the truth while being compassionate.
  • Amazonite helps calm your nervous system and promotes emotional balance.
  • Blue kyanite helps you deal with difficult situations and resolve disagreements that need effective communication.
  • Sodalite enhances your creativity and helps express your thoughts.

Indigo Chakra Stones

Amethyst, labradorite, charoite, moldavite, sodalite, and ilolite are indigo-colored gems. Indigo supports inner wisdom and clarity governed by the third-eye chakra.

The third-eye chakra makes you more receptive to energy movements and gives you the wisdom to see the bigger picture. The third-eye chakra, once blocked, gives you a hard time accessing your intuition. Indigo colored stones can help you get rid of blockages and balance this energy center.

The third-eye chakra stones

  • Amethyst helps calm your mind and awakens your soul, opening up your psychic abilities.
  • Labradorite enhances your psychic abilities while serving as a shield from negative energies.
  • Charoite helps you have intuitive dreams while moldavite brings more vivid dreams.
  • Sodalite clears hallucinations to open yourself up to intuitive perception.
  • Iolite helps heighten your sixth sense and increase your inner vision.
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White and Violet Chakra Stones

what are the 7 chakra stones -amethyst

We link the colors of violet and white to a higher level of spirituality and consciousness. The gems that come in white and violet shades are selenite, amethysts, diamond, and clear quartz.

Violet and white are both associated with the crown chakra, which rules your ability to connect to the highest state of consciousness. A blocked crown chakra can make you emotionally distressed and feel isolated. Violet and golden white-colored gems can help maintain balance in your crown chakra to achieve consciousness and spiritual peace.

The crown chakra stones

  • Selenite clears stagnant energies and your auric fields, lifting your awareness and helping you be in the highest state of your spiritual journey.
  • Amethyst is a physical representation of the violet ray and is an excellent aid for meditation.
  • Diamond helps you access the divine energies.
  • Clear quartz can give you mental clarity.


Chakra stones vibrate at their own unique frequency, which helps you balance the 7 key energy points in your body. Wear the stones like a piece of jewelry or place them strategically over the chakra location. These gems can also aid you in meditation and spiritual healing.

Keep in mind that you also have to work with these chakra stones to keep your energy centers aligned, balanced, and working in harmony. Live a healthy lifestyle, think of positive thoughts, and let go of negative blockages to get a sense of equilibrium in all the energy points.

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