What is a Crystal Chakra Wand? Everything You Need to Know


Last Updated on January 17, 2021

What exactly is a crystal wand? For centuries, shamans or healers have been using crystal wands for chakra balancing and spiritual development. They have traditionally used the wands to heal not just physical pain, but also people’s emotions.

Minerals, crystals, or polished raw stones usually make up a wand. They come in all sizes and shapes and can be long or short, with both one or both ends either rounded or pointed. The wands have a healing property that cleanses, protects, and activates one’s energy field.

The crystal chakra wands have different shapes and different purposes in healing. Wands with rounded ends, for example, are perfect for facilitating a healing session with a body massage for reducing stress and tension. Wands with pointed ends are ideal for reflexology.

Each crystal wand has a distinct characteristic, but all wands are designed to draw energy and direct that energy to an object, person, or place that needs healing. For a healing practice to be much more effective, people use the crystal wand with other healing methods and tools.

In this article, you will gain insights on how crystal wands can:

  • help with your health and well-being
  • drive luck and prosperity in your life
  • improve your relationships and connections
  • keep the positive energy flow in your space

Benefits of using a crystal wand

Your crystal chakra wand can play different roles, depending on what you need to heal. They can pinpoint which area or chakra in your body is out of balance and address an aspect in your life that you need to improve. Crystal wands are also a helpful tool to clear blockages and negative energy within you and your physical surrounding.

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If we dig deeper, we realize that the blocked energy fields can cause some of our problems, be it physical pain or emotional distress. This happens when we have mental and emotional baggage and can, most of the time, lead to issues with health and even the way we deal with people.

This is where chakra crystal wands can help, and so as other viable healing tools. While it’s important to seek professional help that supports medical and scientific explanations, there’s no harm in trying this healing tool.

Below are the key areas in our lives that a chakra wand can help address and improve.

Benefits of using a crystal wandPin


Crystal chakra wands made of healing crystals are a perfect tool to address every energy center in your body. We know that there are specific colors and gemstones associated with each energy center and that each chakra covers particular parts and organs. Choosing the right wand and making sure it has the right crystal can help you keep the balance of your chakras.

Well-being does not just cover your physical health, but it also involves mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Whenever a chakra falls out of balance, it affects certain aspects of your life that manifest through your attitude and behavior. Just like chakra stones and other healing tools, crystal wands can help address your depression, stress-related problems, and sexual drive issues.


Some believe that we create our own luck with hard work and perseverance. While this is true, it doesn’t hurt also to use viable resources and tools that attract luck and abundance in your life. People do this by placing certain items and using crystals, and even crystal wands, to attract luck and prosperity.

Some believe that the crystal wands can transform the negative energies in your home or workspace into a positive one. With this, you will get to have a positive attitude towards what you do for a living. It will enhance your drive to keep going to achieve your goals, thus bringing in more luck and wealth.

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If you need help with maintaining positive relationships or even attracting love in your life, then crystal wands can do just that. Crystal chakra wands can heal this aspect and help make you more loving and compassionate with others. They can also help you take a closer and stronger bond with your family and friends.

Crystal wands help strengthen intimacy for couples and people in a relationship. They attract happiness to couples as they open one’s heart to forgiveness, resolving issues and conflicts. A crystal wand also awakens one’s nurturing nature.

A crystal wand can also help you improve self-love. It’s important to give yourself time, love, and enough care before you can even share these things with others. Use this tool if you want to regain self-esteem and make yourself feel whole and worthy.

Space clearing

Just like chakra stones, crystal wands have unique properties that drive specific energy in your space. People also use a crystal wand to clear a space from negative energies. This can be helpful with Feng Shui and clear sacred spaces that you need for your spiritual work or meditation.

Physical clutter or just negative vibes in your home or workspace could mean that there’s surrounding negative energy. This may affect your mood and feelings. Use crystal wands and other tools to clear your space and transmute negativity to positive energy.


When using a crystal wand for any specific purpose, it’s essential that you choose the right kind. Keep in mind which crystal you need, what type of wand, which shape, and what size. Your crystal wand should perfectly suit your intention.

The power of a crystal wand depends on how strong your intentions are. In meditation, you need to set your intention first before setting your mind to focus. Set your intentions straight and what you want to heal using the wand.

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Don’t limit yourself by just using the crystal wand alone. Use other tools and methods with it, like candles and meditation, to complement and harness the power of the crystal wands.


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