What is the Spiritual Meaning of Tangled Hair?

Having tangled hair can be a problem. Tangles cause your hair to feel heavy, uncomfortably thick, and out of control. But did you know tangled hair has a spiritual meaning? Let this post tell you all about it if you don’t. Here, we’ll discuss what tangled hair means for many people. We’ll also talk about … Read more

Significance of Long Hair in Hinduism

Significance of Long Hair in Hinduism

Hair’s spiritual significance is unquestionable. And in Hinduism, long hair, compared to short hair, is valued uniquely. It’s associated with a person’s beauty, positive energy, and other forms of high power. In fact, having long hair is a privilege — not everyone may have it. Want to know more? In this article, we’ll explore the … Read more

African Hair Spirituality: Everything You Need to Know

African Hair Spirituality

Wonder why many people in Africa invest a lot of effort into nurturing their natural hair? Well, according to them, the main purpose of hair is to be a beacon of spirituality. It sends and receives signals of divine emanation. And it makes them more functional in their everyday lives. In this article, we’ll discuss … Read more

Spiritual Benefits of Cutting Your Hair

Spiritual Benefits of Cutting Your Hair

Good news: Cutting your hair has spiritual benefits. So, if you plan to say goodbye to your long hair, your spiritual side will thank you. In this article, let’s talk about the: We’ll also find out what it means to have short hair, if it’s good to keep cut hair at home, and what will … Read more

Negative Spiritual Energy: A Beginner’s Guide

Every person, animal, and matter in the universe contains energy, from positive to negative spiritual energy. We are always in a state of receiving and giving energy to the things around us. The type of energy we send or receive falls in a spectrum of light and dark. Depending on the energy we radiate, our … Read more

What Part of the Brain Controls Spirituality?

What Part of the Brain Controls Spirituality

How do science and religion converge to influence the way we think and interact with the world? Neuroscience may have the answer. Scientists have long debated over how spirituality and neuroscience interact, specifically in regards to religious experiences and neuroscience. Scholars who devote themselves to understanding this phenomenon called neurotheology tried to connect and view … Read more

What’s in a Person’s Aura

Seeing a person's aura

What’s in a person’s aura? An aura, or a human energy field, refers to the coloration emanating from a person’s physical body. It encapsulates the energy fields of other matter in existence too—such as animals or objects. In spiritual alternative medicine, auras are parts of a person’s body that signify the client’s health state. Your … Read more

Near-Death Experiences: A Beginner’s Guide

near-death experiences

Near-death experiences are a frequent yet highly misunderstood phenomenon. Imagine this: you were just going about your day like any other. Then suddenly, an excruciatingly tight sensation rushes to your chest area, instinctively leading you to clutch it in agony. Unlike previous experiences, it doesn’t stop—the throbbing pain persists for seconds that feel eternal, up … Read more

12 Best Crystals for Energy

best crystals for energy

A crystal is a miniature version of a human body. This marvelous and versatile gem brings together tiny particles of minerals and compounds that come with a variety of use cases⁠. From powering up satellites to alleviating health problems, crystals benefit the world in more ways than one. Derived from a natural energy field, crystals … Read more

What is a Crystal Chakra Wand? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Crystal Chakra Wand

What exactly is a crystal wand? For centuries, shamans or healers have been using crystal wands for chakra balancing and spiritual development. They have traditionally used the wands to heal not just physical pain, but also people’s emotions. Minerals, crystals, or polished raw stones usually make up a wand. They come in all sizes and … Read more