What is Prana Healing: Everything You Need to Know

what is prana healing

Ancient people across different cultures and traditions have been believers of the life force known as “prana.” It is a Sanskrit term which means life force, breath, vital air, or principle of life. They believe that the vital energy permeates everything that exists in the physical world. Prana has many names across different beliefs, cultures, … Read more

What Does A Spiritual Healer Do Best?

What Does A Spiritual Healer Do Best

From a scientific and medical perspective, there has to be a correct diagnosis to find the proper cure and treatment for a certain illness. Everything about the human body and physical symptoms has a corresponding scientific explanation. Experts believe that the elements that influence one’s health always translate to physical descriptions. In the early years … Read more

How Do You Know If You Are Spiritually Gifted?

How Do You Know If You Are Spiritually Gifted

Have you ever asked yourself “Am I spiritually gifted?” We are all gifted in different ways, but not everyone knows what their gift is. Our spiritual gift can be a talent, ability, or power given for us to nurture. Our ancestors may have passed the spiritual gift down through generations, or it may be something … Read more

How Do You Know If You Are A Healer?

How Do You Know If You Are A Healer

Spiritual beliefs in healing have become popular over the years. In ancient times, people have relied on shamans or healers to direct energies into the physical world. Up to this day, we know that modern-day healers still draw and use energy for healing purposes. The shamans or healers are the ones who can transform energy … Read more

Can Your Third Eye Open By Itself And How To Control It

The third eye is a mystical belief of an invisible eye in our pineal gland, known as the “principal seat of the soul.” It serves as a gateway where one enters the astral dimension of consciousness. The truth-seekers from the ancient times believed that the third eye signifies a state of enlightenment. The third eye, … Read more

Spiritual Cleansing Of Negative Energy: A Quick Guide

Spiritual Cleansing Of Negative Energy

Undesirable energies surrounding us may cause the problems and unfortunate events manifesting in our lives. This is inevitable as we expose ourselves to negative vibrations emanated by people or objects in our daily encounters. How will you know if it’s time for spiritual cleansing of negative energy? It isn’t just for moving to a new … Read more

What Are Signs Of Negative Energy And How To Weed Them Out

What are signs of negative energy

In our daily lives, we attract different energy and vibrations by doing our normal routine. We engross the energies emitted by the things, people, and events that we encounter. And when we deal with undesirable situations, the negative energy immediately confers itself to us. Negative energy adversely affects many aspects of our lives. No matter … Read more

Does Hair Hold Negative Energy? The Truth Revealed!

Does your hair hold negative energy - hero image

Apart from being one of the defining characteristics of humans, hair has a connection to spirituality and energy life forces. The hair on your head covers your crown chakra and its tips serve as antennas that gather and transmit power. It holds positive and negative energy, passing on messages gathered from outside and directly transmitting … Read more

Hair and Spiritual Energy: What is Their Relationship?

Hair and Spiritual Energy

In this post, you will learn the special relationship between hair and spiritual energy and how to maintain, if not increase, both harmoniously. Scientifically speaking, hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals including humans. Most parts of our body, except for some areas, is covered with hair. The most noticeable parts of the … Read more