Which Chakra Are You Strongest With?


Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Spinning energy vortexes make up our bodies and they are located along our spine, ruling specific parts, organs, and aspects of our lives. We also call these wheels of energy as chakras and they have distinct qualities and responsibilities. There are seven major chakras in our body that need to be in balance to keep a smooth energy flow within us.

You must keep the chakras’ balance and harmony in check. However, there are many inevitable factors that can affect the alignment of these energy points. External stressors, toxic environments, and negative emotions and thoughts are only a few examples of what can block and make your chakras unbalanced.

Each of the seven key chakras corresponds to a specific element, color, gemstone, behavior, and physical areas in our body. It is essential to understand how they work and how they can help you balance your life and overall well-being.

In this article, you will:

  • gain insights that will help you identify which of the energy centers is your dominant chakra
  • learn which of your energy centers you can nurture and use to your advantage
  • spot the ones that need healing.

Your dominant chakra

Which chakra are you strongest with? There are many personality tests online that can help you gain insight into your dominant qualities. Below is a brief list of behaviors we associate with specific energy centers.

You have a strong desire to live

You are guided by your survival instincts and your desire to live. Resolving issues involving money, food, and shelter is something you’re good at. You are grounded, stable, resourceful, and brave.

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Dominant energy point: Root chakra

You are creative in all areas of life

You are creative in all areas in life - strongest chakraPin

Pleasure is your driving force, and you live and enjoy life through your senses. You have a sense of flexibility and you flow with your thoughts and emotions. You are highly creative and you use this to deal with situations and experiences.

Dominant energy point: Sacral chakra

You are confident and optimistic

Your personality and character emit positive energy, warmth, and optimism. There is a sense of control in life with you and have high confidence in yourself. You harness your personal power and stay calm in stressful situations.

Dominant energy point: Solar plexus chakra

You are loving and compassionate

You have equal love for others and for yourself. Also, you are compassionate, empathetic, and understanding. You always want to build positive relationships with others and bring harmony to all aspects of your life.

Dominant energy point: Heart chakra

You are good at communication

There is a strong will in you to express yourself and speak the truth. You are good at communicating your thoughts and emotions in every aspect. Lastly, you find joy in inspiring people around you with your ideas and visions.

Dominant energy point: Throat chakra

You are a visionary

You think of solutions and unravel mysteries. Being an observer and a good listener are your powerful qualities. You are visionary and you get insights from both the physical and spiritual world.

Dominant energy point: Third-eye chakra

You are devoted and spiritual

You are devoted and spiritual - which chakra are you strongest withPin

You are deeply spiritual, and you find time for reflection and meditation or yoga. Also, you understand that everything is connected and you are always in pursuit of spiritual consciousness. Finally, you love silence and peace.

Dominant energy point: Crown chakra


You may find that you have one or more chakras that predominantly rule your life and the way you deal with people and situations. Knowing which is your strongest chakra does nut just reveal more about yourself. It also allows you to focus on the energy points and aspects of your life that need balance and healing.

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