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Last Updated on July 23, 2023

Familiar with how the root of a tree keeps it together?

Usually, you can’t see it with the naked eye. But while it’s not always visible, it’s there. It serves as the structure’s foundation. And without it, the tree will fall apart.

That’s how the root chakra works, too. It’s there and without it, the other chakras won’t have a foundation and can fall apart.

Opening this specific chakra is what this article will cover. We’ll talk about how to use the power of the root chakra and everything else relevant to it.

This way, you’ll know how to properly open it and make the most out of it.

What is the root chakra?

The root chakra is also called muladhara. Of all other main chakras in the chakra system, your root chakra represents an instinctual energy center. Spirituality practitioners would even describe it as the most instinctual chakra.

It’s a highly regarded chakra because it’s where you can tap into a deeper sense of your being and understand your spiritual energies. It contains the memories of the past including memories of your past lives. It’s also the chakra that carries your deepest connection to the earth.

Here are more facts about the root chakra:

  • Location – Its location is at the base of your spine — at the lower end of your back.
  • Color association – Red is the main color linked to it. It represents grounded but fiery spiritual energies.
  • Elemental association – The earth is its element. For this reason, it has strong vibes with trees, the ground, and other natural aspects.

What happens when there’s a root chakra imbalance?

What happens when there’s a root chakra imbalance?

The root chakra is the energy center that makes you feel safe and secure. If you make excellent decisions, have a peaceful home life, and are launching a stable business, you have a balanced root chakra to thank for all of those.

If you have a blocked root chakra, you can see your life going in a different path. You’re prone to chaos, and you may not unleash your full potential as an individual. If things are going well for you, you fail to make the most out of your situation. And you’ll always feel as if there’s something missing in your life.

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Meanwhile, if the root chakra is unbalanced or overactive, you may start to feel weightless. It’s as if your life is going nowhere, and you have no one or nothing to hold on to. 

What are the symptoms of a blocked root chakra?

Linked to an impaired — blocked or unbalanced — root chakra are the negative aspects discussed above. Leaving this energy center problematic for a while may make you feel discomfort. If you leave it in a damaged state for too long, you’re looking at a lifetime of gradually dealing with negative thinking and unpleasant energies. 

Here are the symptoms of an impaired root chakra:

  • Poor self-care habits – You neglect the importance of great self-esteem. Because you think you’re unimportant, you don’t look after your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Arrogance, aggressiveness, and lack of discipline – You don’t mingle well with others. And you don’t care about their opinion of you.
  • Failure to prioritize – You don’t focus, set goals, or try to be better. Worse, you’re dependent on others for your basic needs.

The importance of physical healing

The importance of physical healing

Associated with the root chakra are the bones near your gut and the lower portion of your spinal column. Your pelvis, adrenal glands, and the spine may also be affected if you don’t take care of this energy center.

Here are the physical ailments associated with an impaired root chakra:

  • Cervical cancer – Excruciating pelvic pain is among its symptoms. Fortunately, if it’s detected at an early stage, it’s highly curable.
  • Addison’s disease – It’s also referred to as adrenal insufficiency. It causes your body to produce an inadequate amount of cortisol, and in turn, prevents you from responding well to stressful situations.
  • Herniated disc – It refers to an issue with the rubbery cushions that form your spine.

The importance of emotional healing

the importance of emotional healing

Apart from low levels of self-esteem, the absence of an emotional balance, and a distorted sense of self, an impaired root chakra can trigger thoughts of self-harm. It causes you to think so little of yourself until you believe you don’t deserve better situations.

The importance of emotional healing shouldn’t be set aside because your state of mind depends on it. Your root chakra’s role is instrumental in how you live your life and your outlook of life. If it’s left impaired, your life will draw negativity. 

Soon, all this negativity will take its toll on you. And chances are, it’ll be too much to bear and will result in self-sabotage.

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Opening the root chakra

There are different ways to open the root chakra and harness the full potential of your root chakra energy. You can use essential oils, crystals and stones, and root chakra affirmations. You can also use all three of them!

Using essential oils

Using essential oils

Your root chakra has a positive response to essential oils. With this chakra’s location being a few inches from your lungs, the scent of essential oils can evoke powerful responses.

Here are the essential oils that can help you with opening and balancing your root chakra:

  • Myrrh – It improves focus and concentration. It also provides stress relief, aids in cleanliness, and soothes sore muscles.
  • Vetiver – Its effect is tranquil and grounding. It helps to increase levels of stability and bring awareness.
  • Frankincense – In addition to providing a relaxing and spiritual environment, it also boosts the immune and respiratory systems.

Using crystals and stone

Using crystals and stone

Crystals and stones are equally powerful. Using them is a form of energy healing that not only opens your root chakra. But it keeps it healthy, too.

Here are the most common crystals and stones associated with the root chakra:

  • Bloodstone – It enhances strength. It also removes negativity and energy blockages.
  • Obsidian – It’s a highly protective stone that can absorb negative energy. When using it often, be sure to cleanse it as often, too.
  • Smoky quartz – It aids in grounding and stabilization. It’s the ideal stone that can help you release old wounds and overcome feelings of anger, depression, and fear.

Using root chakra affirmations

What makes root chakra affirmations is, they help reset your mind. Your thoughts are immensely powerful and affirmations can maximize their power for your benefit.

Here are root chakra affirmations that help open it and promote root chakra healing:

  • “I am safe.”
  • “I am centered.”
  • “I control my thoughts.”
  • “I deserve greatness.”
  • “I can accomplish anything I want.”

Root chakra meditation and root chakra yoga

Meditation and yoga help with the opening of the root chakra because of the calm nature involved. The calmer the environment, the better it is for your chakra. This setting allows your physical body to listen and observe what you’re doing.

For these activities to work wonders for your chakra, though, you should choose the music or the voice that guides you during your meditative state. It should be music that will bring positive or good vibrations to your mind and body.

Rituals that can help with healing

You should open and heal the root chakra every time you feel it’s blocked. If you’ve already unblocked it some time ago, it doesn’t mean it would stay unblocked for good. If you don’t care for your root chakra all the time, it can get blocked again.

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To care for it, be mindful of some rituals you can do on your own. Below are three rituals you can do easily and every day.

  • A warm bath – Take the time to relax. During bath time, you can surround the environment with the scent of essential oils, place crystals and stones nearby, and listen to meditative music.
  • Visualization – Focus on your root chakra or on the color red. Also, mentally write down the root chakra affirmations written in red.
  • Writing – Keep a journal of your emotions and thoughts. And read through your entries regularly to understand your feelings more profoundly.

The foods for root chakra healing

The foods for root chakra healing

There are specific foods that can help facilitate the opening of your root chakra. Like crystals and stones, they carry energy, too. They can introduce a life force that will help you feel brand new. If you add these foods to your daily diet, your chakra will thank you for it.

Here are the foods that can help with root chakra healing:

  • Red and pink fruits –  Examples are strawberries, cherries, and pomegranates.
  • Proteins – Black beans, lentils, and quinoa are some grounding proteins.
  • Root vegetables – Examples are beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

The bottom line

Opening your root chakra is like putting up the framework for your home. The other seven main chakras may be integral, too. 

But without the framework, you have no solid foundation. Without it, you can’t be confident enough to build something else.

If you plan to open all the chakras and energy centers, be sure to open your root chakra first.

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