Surprising Spiritual Growth Activities for Adults


Last Updated on September 5, 2022

Looking for spiritual growth activities for adult? Did you know that are certain types of activities that promote spirituality? These creative spiritual activities promote spiritual growth by establishing a deeper, stronger connection with the self. Spirituality is deeply rooted in knowing the self. When you take time getting to know yourself, your mind, body, and spirit will exist in harmony.

You may not know it, but you might be engaging in these spiritual practices without knowing their potential in terms of strengthening spirituality! Here are some of the most surprising spiritual growth activities for adults:

Spiritual Growth Activities for Adults

Making Art

painting and making art

Making art is one of the best ways to tap into your creative side and promote spirituality. Any type of art making – painting, drawing, DIY crafts, etc., – allows you to enjoy the moment, focus the mind to the task at hand and express yourself. All these promote a stronger spiritual core. In addition, art making boosts self-esteem. It’s a highly rewarding hobby for some and a passion for others. Whatever art making means to you, the process of completing a project allows you to be in the moment and that’s what spiritual growth is all about!


Listening to all types of music, including spiritual music, is good for the soul. Music incites an emotional response within; it connects the soul to the melody and rhythm. Listening to music changes your state of mind, you’re calmer yet focused. You can use music listening to set the stage for your own spiritual journey. It takes you away from the stresses of daily life by relaxing the mind.

what happens to your body when you listen to music

Why is it that we relate to certain songs? It’s because you feel a connection to the story that the musician is telling. You are actually living within the music you’re listening to. Just like making art, listening to songs promotes spiritual growth and creativity. It instantly puts your mind at ease and motivates you to move forward, which is important if you’re going through a difficult time.

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Whether you write as a hobby or as a profession, writing allows you to express yourself and connect to your emotional and spiritual self. Writing a journal, composing a song or a poem, all these activities express your current emotional state. The written words are not just empty words; they are a part of you, an extension of yourself.

For writers, writing can be downright frustrating at times but once the right words are found, the soul and the words connect on a spiritual level. Writing takes you back in time, allowing you to reflect upon the words you wrote in the past and see how far you’ve come.



Yes, working out can improve spiritual growth too! Regardless if you have a rigorous or relaxed regimen, exercising regularly helps disconnect from the stresses of daily life and refocus the mind to things that truly matter. Taking your dog out for a walk, a 30-minute job or a full yoga sesh makes you feel good on the inside and outside. It gives you a sense of accomplishment whenever you complete your workout for the day and you feel stronger every day! It helps that working out keeps the body healthy too!


Meditation is one of the oldest means of cultivating spiritual growth. When you meditate, you put your mind and body at ease and this enriches the soul. There are so many ways to meditate other than the traditional way of sitting down in a quiet spot and closing your eyes. You can meditate while lying in bed, walk in a quiet path by yourself, or just simply taking a break in whatever you’re doing and listening to your thoughts for ten to fifteen minutes.

Meditating empowers the soul, cleanses the body of negativity, and refreshes the mind. It’s the perfect activity when you want to learn more about yourself, bask in the stillness and grow in the quietness. When you clear your head of negativity, you feel more focused and refreshed.

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Saying a little prayer opens yourself up to the divine powers. The act of praying alone generates positive energy that soothes the mind, body, and soul. This goes especially if you are praying for other people, not just yourself.

Every morning when you wake up, don’t forget to thank the divine for being given another opportunity to grow and do better. And in the evening, just before you sleep, thank the divine for giving you the strength to get through the day and wish for another beautiful morning to wake up to! That said, you could say a little prayer anytime of the day, even when you’re in the middle of work.

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