Can Your Third Eye Open By Itself And How To Control It


Last Updated on December 5, 2022

The third eye is a mystical belief of an invisible eye in our pineal gland, known as the “principal seat of the soul.” It serves as a gateway where one enters the astral dimension of consciousness.

The truth-seekers from the ancient times believed that the third eye signifies a state of enlightenment. The third eye, also known as the mind’s eye, is a sense organ where we draw our perception whenever we have a gut feeling about something. We know that this part of our body is also where our third-eye chakra is located, which rules our wisdom and intuition.

In some of India’s spiritual traditions, the third eye also means “ajna” or beyond wisdom. It refers to the ability to connect to the external realm and serves as a gate that leads to our inner consciousness. From a spiritual context, people associate the third eye with clairvoyance and psychic energy.

Apart from helping you read the environment, your third eye can also help you access your intuition about the right path you have to take in life. It helps you to tune in energies and vibrations from other people. The more you use your third eye, the more you strengthen and enhance your mind’s perception.

Everyone can gain access to their third eye, but it remains closed for most people. Once activated, your third eye may demonstrate tremendous power. It makes a person receptive to telepathic energy and messages from higher beings.

Some use their third eye more often than the others, while some are not sure if it is already open. If one’s unaware of his or her third eye’s spontaneous awakening, they may inhibit some negative symptoms.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The signs of an unprompted opening of the third eye
  • The side effects of an awakened third eye
  • How to counteract the potential side effects
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Table of Contents

Did my third eye open unintentionally?

Can your third eye open by itself? It can and will cause some trouble when your third-eye opens without warning.

A lot of problems may arise when your third eye has opened on its own without warning. Manifestations include emotional and physical imbalances. Below are some signs of an opened third eye.

Sensory changes and physical manifestations

Sensory changes and physical manifestationsPin

  • Changes with your senses. Some people regard the third eye as the sixth sense and it affects all the other senses in your body. You see that the colors of the objects and your environment are brighter and more intense. You may smell weird scents and hear sounds or things that do not exist.
  • Tension headaches. You may feel a light pressure on your forehead, in between your eyebrows just like when your crown chakra is opening. Once your third eye has opened, your mind will work harder than usual. This leads to frequent tension headaches as all the negative energies will manifest.

Mental and spiritual effects

  • Increased intuition. You somehow know what will happen and this will guide you to make wise decisions and move forward. An opened third eye leads you towards the right things to do and say.
  • Vivid dreams. One sign that your third-eye has opened is being receptive to messages delivered by the higher planes through your dreams. These messages can become chaotic, which can influence sleep. You will have visions, an increased perception, and telepathic messages
  • Sense of detachment. When your third eye opens, you will detach yourself from reality, thinking everything around you is a deception. It’s like living in a dream because you are perceiving a lot of things from other realms, space, and time. You will also lose the sense of being grounded and stable.
  • Disrupted relationships. Your third eye gives you the ability to identify the truth and see the bigger picture. You will discover the true nature of previous relationships and they may become superficial to you.
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How can I balance my third eye chakra?

How can I balance my third eye chakraPin

The disruptive influences and signs of an accidental awakening of your third-eye will have a rippling effect on all aspects of your well-being. Physical effects include stress and anxiety caused by a lack of sleep because of nightmares. The psychological impact is confusion with reality versus your visions.

There are some techniques you can use to control and balance your third eye. The first step is to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself physically. Next would be to adapt practices to maintain your spiritual health.

Balance your physical health

  • Getting enough sleep. To balance your third eye chakra, you must get about 8 hours of sleep daily. Get rid of the objects that disrupt your sleep and keep electronic devices from you as much as possible. We know that there are many health benefits that we can get when you get enough sleep. This will help you keep your balance and control of your third-eye and affect your health on a positive note.
  • Having a healthy diet. The indigo color represents the third-eye chakra, which supports our inner wisdom and clarity. Some people believe that indigo and purple-colored food like eggplant, plums, and berries helps balance this chakra. These are also good for the pineal gland, which helps with our relaxation and sleep.

Balance your spiritual health

  • Practicing meditation. Entering into a calm state helps balance your third-eye. Practice meditation or yoga for minutes by finding a quiet space and focusing on your breathing. This will cleanse yourself from negative energies within you and surrounding you. Mindfulness contemplation also helps reduce stress, and all anxieties brought about by negative vibrations around you.
  • Affirmations. Recite words or phrases that reinforce a positive message during meditation. Focus on your spirituality and gut instinct to replace limiting beliefs with more positive ones. Affirmations serve as your motivation to act upon your goals and address the problems in front of you. Using affirmations can also help you change negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • Using third eye chakra stones. Balance this chakra by using pieces of jewelry or gemstones that come in indigo or purple colors. Amethyst, labradorite, and charoite are some indigo-colored gems to support your inner wisdom and clarity. These crystals have mystical powers that can help balance the life force energy within you.
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Some people fear that an open third eye will lead them to unpleasant experiences. Learning and understanding the third eye, its capabilities, and the effects of an accidental opening will help you handle the situation.

An awakened third eye may be a magnificent tool and lead to a higher perception of other dominions. It gives you knowledge and understanding beyond the sensory experiences. When your third eye is open, you will experience open-mindedness and intellectual balance.

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