How Do You Know If You Are A Healer?


Last Updated on August 31, 2020

Spiritual beliefs in healing have become popular over the years. In ancient times, people have relied on shamans or healers to direct energies into the physical world. Up to this day, we know that modern-day healers still draw and use energy for healing purposes.

The shamans or healers are the ones who can transform energy for healing. They can see visions and travel through different spiritual worlds. For them, it’s a calling and a natural gift that gives them the capacity to help others.

Some people may have already known that they have this nurturing gift of drawing power for remedial purposes. Others may have this innate ability but haven’t discovered it yet. How do you know if you are a healer?

In this article, you will:

  • understand what energy healing is
  • learn the signs and innate qualities of a healer
  • gain insights into how you can start with the healing practice

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a practice in which the healers channel energy to influence the patients’ physical, mental, and spiritual states. And by healing, we mean clearing the blockages from people’s bodies that affect many aspects of their lives.

There are many forms of natural healing like Shamanism, Reiki, and Ayurveda medicine to name a few. Some health institutions recognize the need to study these forms of alternative medicine, with some hospitals offering meditation and mindfulness therapies.

Remarkable signs of being a healer

Searching for your life’s calling may never be easy for some. You’re lucky if you can recognize this at an early stage in your life. For energy healing practice, in particular, a person may not easily identify that he or she can be a healer.

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If you’re reading this, you are probably curious if you have the innate power to heal others. Note the list below if you are interested to learn more about the qualities of an energy healer.

Resilience and strength

In some indigenous traditions, the villagers believe that their shaman or healer was the one who survived the lightning strike. At present, this near-death experience may manifest through abuse, violence, and other traumatic events. Overcoming these painful experiences will most likely set someone towards the healing path.

Painful experiences and adversaries improve your senses, give you wisdom, and make you more resilient. Going through these trials can heighten your ability to ease other’s suffering.

State of calmness

State of calmness

Healers serve as a bridge between people and nature. They prefer to be close to nature and stay in quiet spaces. They are more attuned to nature and get their energy from the mountains, rivers, and animals.

It could be a sign if you spend more time with nature. You love practicing meditation or walking by the seashore, reading books surrounded by trees, or staying by a river. You feel energized and revived, and nature seems to be the source of your power.

Sensitivity and receptiveness

You are too sensitive that you hear, smell, and feel things that others don’t. It may be weird for you at first, but later on, you realize that it’s a gift that can aid you with healing. You also feel that you have a connection outside the physical realm, manifesting through sleep or dream.

You may often have vivid dreams. Remember to pay attention to the details as these may send you a message. An enhanced intuition can also be a sign that you are a healer.

Empathy and compassion

You feel other people’s pain and you become empathetic when you learn about their experiences. Healers have empathy and compassion because it is natural for them to nurture, help, and heal. If you possess these qualities, it’s no doubt that you are a healer by heart.

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Being empathetic and compassionate also makes you a trusted advisor. People come to you to seek a piece of advice and they are comfortable sharing their emotions with you. You are wise beyond your years and have problem-solving skills to help people resolve their issues.

Energy perception

You are aware of the invisible frequencies and life force energies present in us and around us. You believe that these energies help you maintain a sense of equilibrium in all facets of your life. Spiritual awakening and increasing your intuitive ability are of great importance to you.

How do I start with energy healing?

How do I start with energy healing

If you feel you have the qualities mentioned above, then you are ready to harness your healing ability. You may wonder how you can get started and put this into practice. To start, you must follow these simple tips, one step at a time.

  • Learn more about the gift. You may read a few books about healing and get inspiration from them. Seek guidance and find a healer who resonates with you so you can ask him or her directly. It is also best to study the practice and learn by trying some healing methodologies yourself.
  • Cultivate the gift. There are some practices that you can do to develop your ability. You can do some meditation and yoga to set your focus and get a sense of calmness. Recite some mantras and prayers to help you get into a higher level of your consciousness.
  • Practice self-healing. Healing starts from within, so it is great to practice self-healing first before doing it for others. Ward off negative energies to invite positive vibrations. Positivity is an all-encompassing armor that helps you heal from within.
  • Spread love and kindness. It was mentioned above that healers are naturally empathetic and compassionate. Their heart is pure and open to other people’s needs. It will be great to do simple acts of kindness in your day-to-day routine.
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Having the innate characteristics of a healer does not make you one in an instant. It takes a person’s willingness and conviction to become one and practice this powerful spiritual method. Being a healer also means balancing all aspects of your life and restoring a sense of wholeness.

More than the desire and openness to become a healer is the courage to follow this spiritual journey. Acceptance of this natural gift is key before you even get to practice healing. Healing makes you serve a higher purpose and leads you to greater peace of mind and heart.

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