Reiki Sensations and What They Mean?


Last Updated on October 31, 2022

Originated in Japan, this natural method was an alternative treatment used by ancient people in the late 1800s. It uses the energy field surrounding the body of a patient. Also known as hands-on-healing or palm healing, we base Reiki on “chi” or the universal life force.

Reiki is healing where the universal energy is passed on from the healer’s palm to the patient’s body. We believe this to help balance a person’s physical and spiritual well-being. When a healer send healing energy, it flows from one person to another and the two bodies would have some kind of reaction.

The reactions and sensations are subjective and would vary from one person to another. The vibrations may also be different for the patient and the healer. It’s because people have different bodies, impulses, experiences, cultures, and environments.

Some people may feel the pulsating energy flow within when they emit or receive energies. These can be felt through tingling sensations or getting goosebumps. Others may feel subtle sensations or none.

It is important to note that having no sensations when giving or receiving Reiki energy is normal. The primary reason is that the sensations can sometimes depend on your experience, if it’s your first time to practice Reiki or undergo this form of healing.

In this article, you will have an idea and understanding of the Reiki sensations from the perspective of both the healer and the patient and learn a few of the most common sensations reported when practicing Reiki.

Reiki sensations of a healer

As mentioned above, Reiki sensations vary and are subject to interpretations. Bodies may respond as the energies flow during a Reiki session, and one may feel warmth, coldness, a subtle feeling, or a forceful sensation. Whether you are the recipient or the one practicing Reiki, the sensations validate that your body welcomes the energy.

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Below are some of the most common observations of those who have experienced Reiki, and the sensations brought about by the energy:

Changing hand temperature

The palms or hands of energy healers may feel the warmth of energy as it flows from the healer to the patient’s body. Having warm hands means that the power of Reiki has awakened. People who have just received their Reiki level 1 attunement may also feel and have the same sensation.

There are four levels of Reiki attunements that an apprentice undergoes to practice this healing method. The attunement process involves a master or teacher passing over the universal Reiki energy source to his or her student. The receiver of this energy will have clear pathways that let the healing energy flow within them.

For the ones who have received their Reiki Level 1 attunements, having warm hand chakras tingling means that the process worked. It is a sign that one can already channel the Reiki energy from his or her body to someone else’s.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner’s hand temperature can change from hot to cold. The healer and the patient can have different perceptions. The healer, for instance, may feel that he or she has chilly hands while the patient can feel the warmth of the healer’s hands.

We can base the sensations in the hand of a Reiki practitioner on the concept of yin and yang. In Chinese philosophy, warm hands show that there’s too much yang energy in the patient’s body. Cold hands mean that the recipient’s body has excessive yin energy.

More than a pair of healing hands

The patient may feel there is more than a pair of hands during a Reiki session. This may give you some goosebumps and you may wonder why you’re feeling that way. Some people refer to this scenario as having “extra healing hands.”

According to some beliefs, the healers get spiritual guidance from higher beings. With this, the spirit guides are present and stay with the healer throughout the process. They help with healing and channeling energy, hence, a patient may feel there are over two healing hands.

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Pulsating orb of energy

Pulsating orb of energyPin

Some Reiki practitioners may feel the pulsating energy buildup in their hands. Sometimes, you can feel an orb or ball of energy during a Reiki session. This means that the healer has excess energy in his or her hands.

A circling ball of energy can be a disturbing sensation to some. When this happens to you, take advantage of the excess energy and place your palms in your body. Doing a self-Reiki is essential to release the pulsating orb of energy and sensation from your hands.

You can also infuse objects with Reiki energy whenever you feel overwhelmed with excess energy. This process transforms items as healing tools. For instance, you can infuse the pillows with Reiki energy for a peaceful sleep.

Vibrating hands

A body needs to undergo some adjustments when channeling the Reiki energy. From the healer’s perspective, he or she may experience vibrational buzzing in their hands. The vibration is caused by the overflowing energy that flows rapidly from the body through the palms. The vibration occurs when there’s a huge amount of energy trying to pass through the healer’s palms’ small openings.

Apart from the vibration, having a shaky hand indicates something about the recipient of energy. The healer’s shaky hands signify that the patient is in great need of healing. The shaking happens because the patient quickly absorbs as much energy as possible.

Reiki sensations of a patient

Although there is no evidence on the effectiveness of Reiki healing, some people still believe that this can help heal ailments. Reiki is most commonly known as spiritual healing that eases body pain, reduces stress and anxiety, and gets rid of depression. These are all that a patient commonly feels during or after the healing session.

Some patients fall into deep relaxation and there are positive results on physical, mental, and emotional levels. Reiki helps a patient to cope with= existing emotional challenges and speeds up recovery.

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One may experience the Reiki energy which manifests as heat and pulsating or tingling sensation. A patient may feel these sensations where the healer places his or her hands. One can even feel the energy flowing and moving to other parts of the body.

Others may feel pressure on the chest or warmth and tingling sensations on hands or arms. Some feel sleepy as the soothing energy calms and rids of stress and tension.

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The Reiki healing experience and the sensations can be different for everyone. Some feel the overflowing energy, others may experience subtle pulsations, while the rest may not have any sensation at all. It varies and is subject to the interpretation of those who experience it.

People’s sensitivity to the energy flow differs from one person to another. If you don’t feel any Reiki sensation, it doesn’t mean that the method didn’t work. For healers, it may take some time and more experience to feel the gradual change of the energy flow.

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Believe in the power of Reiki healing if you want it to work, no matter what you feel or not feel, b It’s essential to have sufficient practice and experience and you find that your receptivity to energy will increase. Open yourself up to the life force energy as a healer or as a patient.

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