How to Activate the Chakras in 3 Easy Steps


Last Updated on February 10, 2023

Wonder why there are people who radiate positive vibes naturally? They’re a joy to be around with. Plus, they bring positivity everywhere they go that those in their surroundings feel it, too.

Well, that’s because they activated their chakras. If you activate your own chakras, you’ll be like them and bring positivity everywhere, too.

Here, we’ll look into how you can activate your chakras in three easy steps. Once activated, you can take measures to improve your life. 

How do you know if your chakras are open?

You’ll know if your chakras are open if nothing’s stopping all the positivity from entering your life. You just know. And you’ll feel so good naturally — praiseworthy self-confidence, self-esteem, stability, and more. 

It’s as if while you feel grounded, you’re on top of the world. And you feel deserving of the attention you command.

Signs of open chakras and zero energy blockages:

  • No physical ailments and mental illness – Your body functions flawlessly. And you haven’t developed health issues that can cause problems with your lifestyle.
  • Absence of unhealthy fears and illusions – You exude confidence. And you don’t engage in things that can endanger you or the people around you.
  • Life is in order – Your life — and your environment — is well-kept. As you wish, your home is tidy, your basic needs are provided, you have no unfinished businesses with your peers, and your professional life is soaring.

The importance of activating root chakra healing

Many people who are not as experienced as others in chakra energy healing would ask which chakra in the chakra system should be activated first. And spirituality experts would tell them the same answer: Root chakra.

The root chakra or Muladhara chakra needs to be activated first because the root chakra holds and grounds all the other chakras or the other energy centers. It also plays an integral role in maintaining the chakra system’s function and that the energy flows smoothly. And on top of that, it ensures the other energy centers are in good condition.

The importance of starting from the root chakra lies in the universal order of the chakra wheel system. Each one of the seven chakras — root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra — serves a unique purpose. And for each chakra to fulfill that purpose, the chakra wheel’s foundation needs to be established well.

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This, in turn, can only be accomplished by opening the root chakra and activating root chakra healing.

3 steps in activating all the chakras

With activated chakras, you’ve achieved a life of balance. Everything’s going great for you and you achieved physical and emotional balance.

To activate the seven main chakras and all the energy centers located in your body, follow these steps:

1 – Be grounded and one with the physical world

A woman enjoying her freedom

At this initial stage, you need to focus on your root chakra. Notably, focus on learning how to open your root chakra. And use your energy to learn everything you can about this energy center.

Notice the signs of a blocked root chakra energy

Be aware of any telltale signs of blocked energy and especially a blocked root chakra. And you should keep an eye out for even the subtlest indications of a root chakra imbalance. The goals are to make way for the root chakra opening and to achieve root chakra balancing, aim towards a healthy root chakra, get in touch with your spirituality, and even begin with the spiritual awakening process.

As the root chakra is situated at the bottom of the spine, some of the most severe physical symptoms may occur in the lower back. Similarly, pain and swelling can affect the legs and feet. Sometimes, weight gain can also be felt in the lower body. 

Emotionally, you can feel extreme or irrational fear and insecurity with a blocked root chakra. There can also be trust issues that accompany you if you’re with other individuals. 

Use essential oils

The root chakra represents a solid foundation, and therefore reaching for earthy essential oils seems appropriate. Essential oil helps ground, stabilize, calm, and heal, as well as enhances the naturally occurring energy within your entire body. 

The root chakra can benefit from grounding, so essential oils from trees can be useful. Use oils such as cedarwood, frankincense, vetiver, and sandalwood.

Use root chakra stones and other root chakra crystal healing techniques

Chakra Crystals

The use of root chakra stones and root chakra crystals to activate the root chakra is helpful for anyone who has difficulty grounding themselves physically and mentally. And they can face difficulty with stability or unexpected hardship. After all, the root chakra is linked with the color red and has life and physical energy. 

Root chakra stones and root chakra crystals including red jasper, red agate, and red quartz help heal the root chakra and inspire healing to the other chakras. And because the root chakra is associated with the earth element, the black stones can be effective in reducing the blocked chakra. 

Also with root chakra’s element being earth, use obsidian. Obsidian is also a good option since the volcanic shade provides protection while supporting the ground.

2 – Look after your physical body


Start being selective of what you eat. Rather than simply consume every food in front of you, enjoy the privilege of saying NO to artificial food. Fruits, crops, and, root vegetables, for example, are great options. Go with these foods instead of just anything that appears tasty.

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Additionally, eliminate artificially sweetened drinks, carbonated refreshments, and other manufactured beverages. In lieu of them, drink water and healthy juices.

Engage in physical exercise and rest

Move around and let your physical body feel revitalized. You can move around any way you want. 

You may go running, biking, jogging, or brisk walking. You may also go to the gym and use gym equipment to build your muscles.

But as you focus on building muscles, do your best not to over-exert any muscle and be prone to over-exhaustion. To remedy problems with over-exhaustion give yourself adequate amounts of rest.

Take up yoga

Root chakra yoga poses and practically all kinds of yoga poses strengthen your body and enable the correct alignment of your spinal cord. Although not literally located at the spine or in the spine, the seven primary chakras are energy points located outside and around the spine. 

Similarly, your chakra energy system will be aligned with a regular practice of yoga. That’s because yoga helps maintain balance.

On top of that, yoga reduces sprained back muscles and provides good spinal support, as well as relief from back problems in general. 

3 – Ruminate

Make it a habit to think clearly — no distractions, biased opinions, and senseless thoughts. Other people, no matter how insightful they are, can influence your mentality. It’s important you prevent this from happening.

Remember, your mind is a temple. If you won’t care and keep caring for it, it won’t be as sharp as it once was.

Spend time in nature

A way to break down negative energy and thoughts is to get outdoors and connect with the earth. All the primary chakras connect to the physical universe and an effective way to strengthen these connections is to explore them in nature.

Spending time in nature is also a way of eliminating stress. Especially if you work in an office for hours for a series of days, a break like this is helpful to maintain your wellbeing.

How you spend time in nature is up to you. And it doesn’t matter. What matters is you do it regularly and make a habit out of it.

Try walking barefoot in sand or dirt, feel the sunlight in your eyes, or bathe in the ocean. It’s a nice idea to simply admire and enjoy the beautiful views of forests.

Reprogram your thoughts and your subconscious mind

Living in the past isn’t helpful. Even if you have major regrets, you need to accept the fact that you can’t do anything about them anymore. 

So move on and live your life without regrets. Stop pondering on thoughts that have no likelihood of happening. Rather than let them influence your actions in the present, release them and simply take in the lessons you got from them.

And from then on, start thinking differently. Reprogram your thoughts and live life with a new mindset. It may take a while for a new perspective to come to you. But you have to be patient.

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Meditation can help reduce our stress response

The organs in the human body function flawlessly because they are well-rested and relaxed. Notably, your digestive system works in line with your nervous system and sympathetic nerves. And for it to function flawlessly, it needs sufficient time for rest and relaxation. 

So when your chakras are blocked, you won’t have time for rest and relaxation — something your organs need. For this reason, you’ll start experiencing a stress response. 

That’s why you need to rest and relax. If you don’t have time to rest and relax, make time. Assess your current activities and remove some less important ones.

Remember, a root chakra meditation practice and other meditative relaxation techniques work in harmony with the nervous system. 

Notably, it activates the sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nervous system. And it enhances the ability of the body’s natural rest and relaxation system, as well as your digestive function.

Final thoughts

Think of the root chakras and the other chakras as a building.

A blocked root chakra and an imbalanced chakra system are similar to a fragile building about to be ruined. When a building is ruined, the entire establishment and structures of the building may fall apart. More likely, the damages are disastrous and irrevocable.

The root chakra, as the first chakra, is the first structure and it’ll be the first one to collapse. Then the other structures — in this case, the other energy centers — will follow and also collapse.

But things are different with a balanced root chakra and a well-founded chakra system. With an activated set of chakras and a balanced chakra system, the building won’t be as fragile and any negative effects will be less disastrous. And because the building has a strong and solid foundation, it won’t easily fall apart.

It may take some time, effort, meditation, the sound advice of your yoga teacher, or essential oil treatment to clear energy blockages in the root chakra. But know and be confident in the fact that it’s possible.

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