Aura Colors Meaning Chart to Help You Learn More About Yourself


Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Every person has an aura, a unique energy field that surrounds them. The aura is composed of many different colors, each with its meaning and purpose. 

The colors in a person’s aura can tell us a lot about their personality, feelings, and spiritual vibration.

If you’re interested to know the meaning of your aura color and how it can help to learn more about yourself, let’s explore and understand:

  • different aura colors,
  • their meanings,
  • ways you can interpret your auras for personal growth,
  • and benefits of learning more about your aura colors.

Chart Of Aura Colors, And Their Meanings

Every individual has a unique, vibrant energy field that encases their physical body – known as an aura.

The aura can be composed of many colors, and each carries a more profound meaning about the individual’s thoughts, feelings, and generally what is going on in their life.

The Primary and Other Five Aura Colors

man and auras

These 12 hues of aura reveal an insightful glimpse into a person’s spiritual being.

The first seven primary colors are known as the seven chakras.

They represent the energy center in the body that can affect our physical, mental or emotional health depending on their balance.

1) Red – Root Chakra

2) Orange – Sacral Chakra

3) Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra

4) Green – Heart Chakra

5) Blue – Throat Chakra

6) Indigo – Third Eye Chakra

7) Purple – Crown Chakra

The aura colors come in more than just the seven most popular that connect to our human existence. There are five additional hues, and they have an importance of their own, each representing different meanings and symbolism.

What is their significance? Let’s delve into what these 12 aura colors stand for.

1. Red Aura

The color red is associated with passion and strength. People with red auras tend to be ambitious and determined in their pursuits.

They also tend to be physically active and enjoy sports or exercise activities.

2. Orange Aura

Orange is the color of creativity and enthusiasm. People with orange auras usually have an active imagination and are very open-minded individuals who enjoy trying new things.

They often strive for balance in life by seeking physical and mental stimulation.

3. Yellow Aura

Yellow is associated with intelligence and wisdom. Those with yellow auras are often analytical thinkers who approach situations logically rather than emotionally.

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They are excellent problem solvers who have an eye for detail.

4. Green Aura

Green represents growth and stability. People with green auras are usually reliable individuals who can be counted on in times of need.

They have strong values and adhere to them in all aspects of their lives, making them well-respected by others.

5. Blue Aura

Blue auras carry a deep sense of peace, comfort, and serenity. It stands for confidence, faith, knowledge, and trustworthiness.

Blue aura people are often pleasers and work hard to make those around them happy. They like structure and order in their lives and appreciate stability.

Blue aura means loyalty, communication, and relationship building; a blue aura person with a lot of this color energy tends to be an excellent communicator and can connect easily with others.

Those with solid blue auras sometimes use it to push themselves too far to reach their goals – something to be careful about.

Different Shades of Blue Aura Chakra

Light blue aura 

The light blue aura color meaning is associated with personality traits of calmness and tranquility.

Individuals with this shade of blue aura meaning they are creative, content, secure, and wise. People with light blue auras tend to be trustworthy and sensitive to others’ needs.

Royal blue aura 

This color often radiates a sense of trust and responsibility, denoting someone reliable. People with royal blue in their aura are usually entirely secure in their sense of self, which can provide excellent stability as one navigates life’s challenges.

Sky blue aura 

People with a sky-blue aura display honesty, trustworthiness, and ethically responsible characteristics.

Those who have this color are in touch with their emotions, often more attuned to the feelings of others than those who do not possess a sky-blue aura.

Dark Blue aura 

Individuals with a dark blue aura shade are highly intuitive and practical-minded. They possess a deep understanding of life issues while still being able to stay grounded in everyday matters.

Dark blue is associated with truthfulness, loyalty to those around them, and a strong sense of self-confidence within themselves.

Turquoise Blue Aura

The turquoise aura, an often overlooked hue, carries a unique power that encourages to speak up. People having this shade of blue aura can express their true feelings—even if those feelings may be complicated for others to hear.

When this chakra is open and balanced, it allows one to communicate thoughts more effectively.

6. IndigoAura

People with indigo auras tend to think outside the box; they don’t always follow the crowd but instead rely on their instincts when making decisions or taking action.

They are often highly sensitive souls who appreciate peace & harmony in life. 

7. Purple Aura

Purple signifies spiritual awakening or enlightenment.

Those with purple auras seek deeper meanings in life; they often have an innate curiosity that leads them toward spiritual exploration & personal growth.

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8. Pink Aura

The meaning of pink aura color is often associated with kindness and compassion.

People who possess this energy are generally loving, kind, caring, and sensitive, often giving too much of themselves to please others.

9. Silver Aura

People with a silver aura are often the life of the party in social situations, though they may seem elusive at first.

Those with strong silver auras figure out ways to make their goals a reality through creative thinking, often finding success where others never expected it.

10. Brown Aura

Brown auras often indicate an analytical nature common in determined, responsible individuals. People with brown auras are usually confident but humble and understanding of their surroundings.

They are keenly aware of how things work and can develop creative solutions since they prefer to find answers on their terms.

11. Black Aura

Black aura color meaning has some surprising connotations. The color black usually evokes feelings of power and strength.

Still, in terms of auras, it tends to represent mystery, confusion, and negative emotions – all of which could indicate that we lack energy or motivation or feel overwhelmed by our current situation.

It may also symbolize a lack of self-confidence, insecurity, or dark thoughts, so taking the time to understand having this aura is essential to understanding how you’re feeling.

12. White Aura

White is one of the spectrum’s most enigmatic and beautiful colors, with connotations of innocence, sacredness, and purity.

As an aura color, white often signifies a heightened sense of spiritual development, mental energy clarity, and self-awareness.

People with a white aura tend to be highly intuitive and open-minded, imbued with great inner strength and resilience.

Ways You Can Interpret Your Auras for Personal Growth

woman holding her chest meditating

1. Meditation

One of the ways that meditation can help with personal growth is by having the capacity to interpret one’s aura.

Meditation allows us to still our minds to identify these auric field vibrations; by observing and interpreting these energies, one can gain deeper insight into themselves, leading to remarkable personal development.

With consistent practice, both in and out of meditation, learning about your aura will become easier as you know more about yourself.

2. Visualization

Visualizing your aura can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development, especially for those on a spiritual path.

Taking the time to visualize your aura as part of a spiritual practice is an excellent way for personal growth and understanding.

3. Journaling

Journaling can be a wonderful tool for gaining insight into your energy field and discovering personal growth opportunities.

It’s a great way to look inside – it can help you access the information in your subconscious, allowing you to interpret your aura more accurately.

When journaling, try to write freely and without judgment; let the words flow onto the page. Ask yourself questions such as “How am I feeling in this moment? or “What is my intuition telling me?” Take time to reflect on each answer, and then move on to the next question.

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Benefits of Learning More About Your Aura Colors

meditating aura

1. Improve self-awareness

Learning more about the meaning of the different colors that make up your aura can be a great way to increase self-awareness.

Understanding your aura colors also allows for a deeper understanding of yourself and provides an opportunity to reflect on how you interact with the world around you.

2. Gain knowledge about your spiritual journey

By learning more about your aura colors, you can acquire a deeper insight into your habits, relationships, blockages, and empowering spiritual energies.

Through such knowledge, you can gain a greater appreciation for yourself and find fulfillment in your spiritual journey.

3. Connect to your higher self

Learning about your aura colors can give you deeper insights into your emotions and help connect you with your higher self.

Different colors exist within it, each representing various aspects of your personality.

By learning more about what aura colors mean, you can uncover hidden feelings and better understand yourself.

4. Use aura colors for healing

Studies have shown that understanding what each color means and how it affects you can help you make good emotional and spiritual growth decisions with their healing energy.

Once you know your colors, you can protect yourself from negative energy by emphasizing the positive traits associated with those colors.

Final thoughts

Understanding and applying the meanings of the color of your aura to your life can help you to understand yourself more, which leads to personal growth and bring about significant shifts in perspective.

By meditating on each chakra color, you will gain insight into how the colors affect you personally and how they contribute to how you interact with others.

This understanding is essential for moving forward and manifesting your desired life within yourself by embracing who you are through your own aura color – which includes being kind to yourself and surrounding yourself with inspiring people.

As such, it is worth reflecting on the implications of your aura’s colors, as these reflections allow us to unleash our potential in profound ways.

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