Violet Flame Meditation: 5 Steps To Harnessing Positive Energy


Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Have you ever heard the phrase, ” thoughts become things”?

The idea behind this saying is that our thoughts have an incredible power to manifest and create in our lives. With this in mind, one of the most effective ways how to create positive energy healing in your life is through violet flame meditation.

The violet flame meditation is a powerful spiritual energy healing practice that draws energy from the violet flame. What is violet flame, or St Germain purple flame, you ask?

From the teachings of the ascended master saint Germain, the violet flame works by transforming negative energy into positivity and opportunity. During the process, violet flames help energy flow smoothly.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to channel the positive energy from the violet flame meditation of St. Germain.

The Role of Violet Flame Meditation in Spiritual Awakening

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The violet flame meditation also known as the transmutation healing meditation, is a powerful spiritual tool to bring about individual healing and spiritual awakening. The violet flame is an energetic force with healing properties to transmute negative thoughts into light and love.

Violet flame meditation helps you gain focus and get into deep relaxation. It also reduces stress and anxiety in the body. It also enables us to create positive change in our lives by releasing negative energies and creating space for new, healthier habits.

The ascended master St. Germain taught us that the violet light has the energy of transmutation, love, mercy, and forgiveness. Using violet flame reiki healing helps fix personal conflicts or resolve societal issues.

The violet flame is a luminescent triad exuding power from its three fold flame such as pink light, blue light, and golden light.

  • Pink – The pink light is a manifestation of the divine feminine energy, which encourages positive emotions and awakenings. Its crystalline pink color brings forth qualities such as compassion, understanding, unconditional love, and nurturance – all aspects of our heart chakra.
  • Blue – The blue light symbolizes the divine masculine energy connecting to our left brain hemisphere and two primary energy centers – the throat and heart. Glowing with a sapphire hue reinforces desire within us that allow for determination in following one’s destiny through internal strength and leadership.
  • Gold – Gold light symbolizes the unification of feminine and masculine energy radiating from a higher source, providing access to heightened states of awareness.
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Step 1: Set Your Intention for the Violet Light Meditation

Before you contemplate and sit comfortably, it is of great importance to think of what you want to achieve after the meditation. Focusing your mind on a specific intent will bring it to the forefront of your heart, mind, and spirit. This will guide you throughout the violet flame meditation.

Intention setting is important in your spiritual awakening journey. It’s a driving force for the violet flame meditation whether it’s a personal blockage or a planetary issue. Think of a problem or a concern that you want to focus on or want to resolve.

Ask questions

To set a personal intention, ask yourself some questions about the things that matter to you. If you want a resolution to what’s happening around you, set your focus on social issues.

No matter what these questions are, their purpose is to help you put things into perspective and welcome divine wisdom. It’s important to note that you have to set just one specific intention. This is so you can give all your attention to it.

Examples of questions to ask:

  • How can I manifest happiness in my life?
  • How can I drive negativity away?
  • How can I help homeless people? How to turn a hostile community into a peaceful one?

Use items

Prepare some photographs, magazine cut-outs, newspaper clippings, or anything related to your intent to aid you with visualization. This will help you bring the intention to reality after the violet flame meditation. 

Step 2: Open Yourself Up with a Sacred Mantra and Prepare to Be Guided by the Holy Spirit

Violet Flame Meditation - 2nd Image

To be receptive to the positive energy from St. Germain’s violet flame meditation, you must begin with a mantra. From the list below, select the mantra that would best suit your intention.

The “OM” mantra

This purifies and clears your mind to help you focus. The simple sound represents the union of mind, body, and soul. Chanting this word helps you get into deep relaxation.

The “OM MANI PADME HUM” mantra

This is an ancient six-syllable Sanskrit chant that creates internal harmony. It purifies pride, jealousy, passion, desire, ignorance, prejudice, possessiveness, and hatred.


This opens your heart to have love and compassion for others. It radiates a prayer of love, happiness, and freedom for the world.


Chanting one of these names is also a powerful mantra. Select a name you want to use for your meditation session.

The “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.” mantra

Repeating the three names of the Supreme Being expands your consciousness. It infuses meaning, power, and significance into your mind, heart, and soul.

The “Ho’oponopono” mantra

The word Ho’oponopono” literally translates to “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Choose this one if you want to get rid of any negative feelings such as distress, anger, and shame.

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The “Ham-Sa” mantra

“Ham and Sa” means “I am that.” Breathe in and say “ham” to affirm your “I am-ness.” Breathe out by saying “sa” to bridge the gap between yourself and everything in existence. This mantra reminds us that everything is interconnected.

Once you’ve chosen a mantra for Saint Germain’s violet flame meditation, draw your energy to the point of your heart. While doing your mantra, close your eyes and place your hand over your heart until you find the serenity and purity god desires.

Step 3: Visualize a Sphere of Light and Turn it into a Violet Flame

Visualize a Sphere of Light and Turn it into a Violet Flame

Use the power of your imagination and visualize a blazing white sacred fire in the center of your chest. Take a deep breath and see the flame filling in your heart. Visualize the light entering through the crown of your head and radiating outwards, filling every corner of your being with its gentle loving energy. Focus on how alive and energized you feel as this powerful force awakens all aspects of your being.

As you envision the white fire and this sacred fire intensifies, say a prayer for spiritual protection. Cantillate these lines:

Saint Germain and angels of protection, please surround me with a sphere of radiant white fire as I give this meditation. Let the light I invoke be used for the blessing, healing, and protection of all life upon earth.

Saint Germain and angels of protection, please surround me with a sphere of radiant white fire as I give this meditation. Let the light I invoke be used for the blessing, healing, and protection of all life upon earth.

Once you’re done reciting the prayer, you may transform the white light into a violet flame. Try to visualize a violet spark that gradually grows and spreads over the white flames.

Recite this decree:

I AM the Violet Flame of presence, blazing and transforming whatever within me that needs to be healed.

Repeat this as many times as possible for the violet flame invocation.

Continue with the affirmation until the violet color transforms the white light into a dazzling sun of violet fire. The violet flame St. Germain meditation draws positive energy, bringing light to situations and matters that need healing.

Step 4: Eliminate Negative Energy and Direct the Positive Energy to Heal Others

Yoga Violet Background With Decorated Mandala-Effects And Gradient Mesh-EPS 10

The violet flame meditation is a powerful tool that lets you spread positive light. Send it as a gift of forgiveness to people or spread happiness and comfort to the world. To resolve a social concern, direct the energy to the visual aids you prepared in Step 1.

Hold your hands up in front of you with palms either facing outwards or facing your visual aid. While saying the prayer aloud, visualize the violet flame radiating from your heart through your palms. Imagine the violet flame with an instant energy shift and slowly dissolving the negative energies and turning them into a positive one.

Recite this prayer as you visualize:

By the power of the light and love within my heart and the heart of Saint Germain and the violet-flame angels, I ask that the light I am about to invoke be directed into the following condition(s) __________.

Step 5: Close the Flame to End the Meditation

Yoga meditation in lotus pose by man silhouette with moon and purple dramatic sunset sky background. Free space for text and can be used as template for web-sit

Breathe deeply and slowly shift your focus from inward to outward. Envision the violet flame shrinking into your crown chakra and turning into healing energy.

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Recite this prayer:

O God, let the light invoked through this meditation be for the blessing and healing of my family, my friends, and all those in need throughout the world. I ask that this reservoir of light saturate the earth and transmute all conditions that stand in the way of a new day of peace and love manifesting upon this planet.

After the prayer, recite the same mantra you used at the beginning of your meditation. Repeatedly chant the lines until the violet fire diminishes gradually in size. You’ll know that healing occurs and meditation has been successful when you experience a state of psychological and spiritual peace.


The violet flame transmutation and healing meditation clear your mind, remove soul blockages, and uplift conscious awareness. Knowing your goal in doing the violet flame meditation and what do the 7 chakras mean will keep you set the best intention at heart.

Intention setting is the driving force and the fundamental purpose of the entire meditation process. You must believe in the intention that you set from the very beginning. Make sure it’s something that you’re looking to build or nurture so you can make yourself better.

Incorporating violet flame meditation into your daily meditation can harness the power of more positive energy and self transformation. With the five steps mentioned above, you can learn to tap into a higher vibration and raise your consciousness.

Through visualizing the violet flame and chanting mantras, you can shift your energy and open yourself up to the power of the universe. With regular practice, you can begin to feel its transformative effects on your life. It is also important to remember that this process takes time and dedication but is well worth it.

The violet flame meditation is an effective way to increase your positive energy and healing energies. With intention and faith, you can manifest with grace and ease.

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