Transmutation Violet Flame

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Fire holds plenty of symbolic meaning in every culture. It has been a source of light, heat, and protection while also being dangerous at the same time.

Among the four classical elements, fire is known to be the only thing to quickly transform something completely. That is why in the spiritual sense, fire symbolizes many things such as passion, life, hope, rebirth, and so much more.

Turning negative energies into positive energies is an essential way to connect deeper with the self through meditation and yoga. In order to do this, you must learn about the power of the violet flame and know how to creatively express it.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to heal oneself, the community, and the whole world with this powerful flame.

What is the Violet Flame?

Known by many names, the violet flame is sometimes called the “Flame of Transmutation”, “Freedom’s Flame”, and the “Flame of Forgiveness”. This flame is famous for being a sacred fire that transmutes and purifies negative blockages or karma.

Going back to biblical times, the knowledge of the violet flame became more accessible to people because of an 18th-century alchemist, Saint Germain. Spiritual alchemists focused on the practice of self-transformation and used the violet flame to reach peace.

It is also the color of the seventh ray which has appeared in many religions and philosophies.

The Personal and Planetary Healing of Violet


For centuries, colors have been known as a powerful tool to convey emotions, feelings, and change one’s moods. In fact, the color violet has long been connected with spiritual energy because it is believed to physically and emotionally heal the spirit and promote ease, harmony, and spiritual growth in a person.

Not only that, but violet is also usually associated with transmutation which is why it’s not surprising to hear that the color violet is used to portray Sahasrara or the crown chakra. Used in some yoga traditions, Sahasrara is believed to be the bridge to the cosmos which allows for spiritual transformation to happen.

Guided Meditation Violet Flame


Do you wish to harness the inner violet fire within you? A good practice to start with is by practicing meditation.

Meditating, as proved by many studies, can improve self-awareness and lead to better well-being. Here are simple ways to channel the violet flame in your meditation routine.

1. Embody your mantras

Uttering a mantra is essential when meditating to help the mind and body focus on the present moment. Channeling the violet flame in your routine begins with the mantra “I am the violet flame”.

Remind yourself about this from time to time as you focus on your intention for the day. Call out to it and let this mantra radiate through your whole being.

2. Picture the violet flame

Once your physical energy and consciousness are centered, start visualizing the violet flame.

Imagine a ray of light slowly taking form into a violet flame as it gently grows and surrounds you from all sides. Feel its warmth as it embraces your wholeness then repeat your violet flame decree as many times as necessary.

After the initial mantra, you can create your own decree as well. You can choose whatever phrase makes you feel the most peace and healing in your mind.

3. Share this gift to the world

The power of the violet flame is not just for the self but can be translated to others and the world as well.

If your intention is about others, repeat the other steps above and create a mantra specifically for it. Keep in mind that the violet fire is also about forgiveness which is very helpful when you wish to ease the hatred in your heart.

Transmute Negative Energy Into Positive


Negative energy is everywhere especially now with all the things happening around the world. You can feel it in the air, notice it on people’s faces and even pick up on it in the outside world. But this doesn’t mean you should let it get to you.

The idea of being able to transform negative energies into positive ones might be a difficult concept to grasp but with enough practice and perseverance, everything is possible. Instead of letting negative energy get the best of you, make a conscious effort to transmute it into positive energy by applying and living by the violet flame’s principles.

It is time to take up the violet flame and change not only our own negative thoughts and feelings but also the negativity in the world around us!

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