What Does Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol Mean and How to Use It


Last Updated on February 10, 2023

Planning on unleashing the full power of the third chakra or the solar plexus chakra?

Then find out everything you can about it.

This article will dig into the solar plexus chakra symbol — what is it and why it’s important. We’ll also discuss ways to activate and cultivate it.

If you read until the end of this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about it. 

What does the solar plexus chakra do?

The solar plexus chakra (from the Sanskrit word Manipura meaning city of jewels) and all the other seven main chakras represent the energetic center of the individual ego. And one of the qualities that make the solar plexus chakra distinguishable is, that it’s the third of seven chakras, and it is a central center for identity, personality, and ego. 

Facts about what it can do:

  • It represents personal strength and discipline. And as such, it gives you self-confidence. This chakra can be used to overcome fear when it’s possible to do anything frightening to someone else. 
  • This chakra is activated whenever we exert willpower within our bodies. If the day comes when we give in to an urge to be a domineering force and to be in control, we unleash the power that comes with this chakra.
  • If there’s an energy blockage in this chakra, you’ll be faced with many pains, frustrations, or disappointment. Additionally, people with a fragile solar plexus chakra often feel victimized. 
  • They walk in negative ways, are poorly handled, and lack a sustainable direction. They’re also painfully shy and less likely to succeed in leadership positions.
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The psychological description of the solar plexus symbol

The psychological theme for the third chakra revolves around a perception of a feeling of power and strength in acting and responding. The solar plexus chakra acts as a mediator between the instinctive urges, desires, and impulses and the inner pressure of our lives. 

Psychologically, this relationship is based on the Freudian notion of ego. In some spiritual worlds, the term ego is associated with negative energy. 

But in our mental state, we all require an ego for functioning. It is our ego that integrates us as a whole and is without him a mere scattered desire and impulse that does not manifest into an act.

Meaning of the solar plexus symbol

Meaning of the solar plexus symbol

Not just the solar plexus chakra, but all of the seven major chakras are embodied by an image. This image explains its essence and symbolizes its power. 

Often, energy vampires or people with energy-sapping habits have a blocked solar plexus chakra. They’re unable or unmotivated to reach their full potential, leading to tiredness, scattered feelings, or even ill health.

Everything you need to know about its meaning:

  • For this chakra, the symbol has red triangles — all of which point downward. These energy centers allow for setting healthy boundaries.
  • And as the symbol of the solar plexus chakra goes, the sun is closely linked with your self-control, confidence, and ego.
  • All sides of the solar plexus symbols are linked by the arm, with T shapes stemming from its center. These are variations of the Hindu swastika, the ancient sacred symbol representing the sun. 
  • The red circle in the solar plexus chakra symbol is centered within a yellow circle surrounded by ten petals that evoke the Lotus flower or anything that resemble the Lotus flower shape. And each petal has a unique symbol representing a distinct sound and each has a symbolic meaning. 
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Overactive Solar Plexus Chakra

A solar plexus chakra imbalance is a manifestation of an overly powerful or central power or control over people and their surroundings. Some people also feel helpless or inadequate. 

It’s easy to be obsessive at the tiniest details. You view everything in life as a plus or minus and you see the whole picture. 

Additionally, imbalances within the solar plexus chakra manifest as influencing or misusing personal power. It has no direction or aim. 

For example, you plan many things but do not find the best ways to achieve them. Having a slurred chakra can make you a dangerous competitor.

The importance of the solar plexus chakra healing

A Manipura chakra or solar plexus chakra that’s opened, activated, and balanced correctly is rewarding. Of many things, it allows the individual to integrate all of their various influences in the direction and to determine the direction of action.

Why solar plexus chakra healing is so important: 

  • One can have strong confidence in themselves, know their strengths and weaknesses, and realistically assess their capabilities. 
  • Individuals with high spiritual intelligence and a well-established solar plexus chakra like to challenge themselves. One of their most admirable traits is their ability to set and achieve goals quickly and successfully. 
  • Despite external pressures, obstacles or problems, they’d never be disturbed and could keep an open eye on their destination until they reach it. 
  • An efficient Manipura chakra does not worry about failures. If they made a mistake, they’re confident they can course-correct along the way.

Ways to cultivate a healthy solar plexus chakra

Ways to cultivate a healthy solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra can be healed by focusing more deeply. An effective strategy for chakra balancing, therefore, involves setting goals that challenge and inspire you.

  • Exude confidence – Others love being around you if you’re confident. Always believe in yourself, express how you feel, and be respectful.
  • Work out – Move around, spend time at the gym, do yoga, and more. Physical activity allows your body to get rid of toxic vibes and negative energy through sweat.
  • Eat right – According to Ayurvedic principles, eating nutritious foods optimizes your digestive system. And it helps your body maintain a good amount of fire in your digestive tract.
  • Be in a harmonious environment – Place solar plexus chakra stones around your home, use healing tools like chakra pendulums or wands, and regularly listen to rain sounds, binaural beats, and other relaxing music. The solar plexus chakra achieves balance every time you’re exposed to an environment that resonates at the same frequency. 
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Final thoughts

Feel weak or sick to your stomach? That’s the feeling of an illness in your solar plexus chakra.

And unless you take corrective measures, you’ll be plagued with that negativity from then on. 

Above, you’ll find ways to cultivate it. Be sure to refer to them, along with the other discussions in this article.

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