What is a Chakra Bracelet and How Does it Work?


Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Our body is made of wheels of energy called chakras, which let the energy flow within us. These chakras govern specific parts and organs in our body and the psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our lives. It is important to keep them in balance so we can live a happy and fulfilled life.

These key energy centers also rule certain elements and represent specific colors and healing gemstones. These stones have their characteristics and properties that aid a person in healing and balancing his or her chakras.

We know that certain situations and external factors can affect our chakras and their alignment. Unbalanced chakras may affect our overall well-being, the way we live, and the way we interact with others. Therefore, we need to ensure that we take steps to align and balance our energy centers.

In this article, you will:

  • have a brief understanding of the seven main chakras, the elements they represent, and the colors and gemstones associated with each chakra.
  • understand the benefits of wearing chakra bracelets and the meaning of these wristlets and the colored beads used

Understanding Chakras

Before we go further into the benefits of wearing chakra bracelets, we have to first understand chakras and the chakra stones used to make these kinds of armlets.

We have seven key chakras in our body namely, the Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Third-Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra.

Each energy point rules specific body organs, emotions, and characteristics of a person. Each chakra is represented by a color, element, and gemstones that support its ability to heal.

  • The root chakra. We associate this chakra with red as it signifies warning and represents the life force energy within us. It also means energy, passion, and power, and it rules the earth element for its stability, sturdiness, and roughness.
  • The sacral chakra. This energy point drives your sexual and creative energies represented by the orange color. The element of this chakra is water for its sense of fluidity, flowing freely like the energy of the sacral chakra.
  • The solar plexus chakra. Yellow represents the solar plexus chakra that governs your personal energy and willpower. It emulates the brightness of sunshine and the qualities of the fire element.
  • The heart chakra. Green is the color of love, nature, healing, and transformation. These are the aspects of one’s life ruled by the heart chakra which is associated with the air element.
  • The throat chakra. This energy point associates itself with the blue color, which we associate with self-expression. The ether (space) is the element that represents this chakra.
  • The third-eye chakra. Indigo is the color of this chakra that governs inner wisdom and intuition. The element that represents this energy center is the human mind as it rules the intellect, imagination, and perception.
  • The crown chakra. Violet represents your connection to spirituality, and we associate this chakra with the element of consciousness.
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Wearing Chakra Bracelets

Wearing Chakra Bracelets

No matter how hard you try to keep your chakras in balance, there are a lot of stressors that influence their alignment. Whether it is self-induced or an external factor, that’s causing your energy points to fall out of equilibrium, it’s essential that you know how to regain balance. This is where the use of chakra bracelets takes place.

What is a chakra bracelet? People often make chakra bracelets with gems and stones that have healing properties. Choosing the right wristlet and chakra stone can help balance your energy points and regain harmony.

Chakra bracelets help give your energy centers an energy boost. However, you need to understand that this form of chakra healing should also come with proper meditation and way of living. It has to start with cleansing yourself, your thoughts and emotional baggage.

Meaning of Chakra Bracelets

Some wear a chakra bracelet, not just an accessory, but also as an aid in living a balanced life. They commonly make it of colored beads and gemstones, which help balance the seven major energy centers. The essential part of the bracelet is the selection of color of the bead or gemstone to use as each color represents one of the key energy points.

Red chakra beads

Wear bracelets with red-colored gemstones like onyx or red jasper to support your root chakra. This root chakra governs a person’s strength, sturdiness and stability. A chakra bracelet with red stones will help re-energize an unbalanced root chakra.

Other gemstones associated with this chakra are garnet, hematite, and pyrite. These gemstones and the color red signify the life force energy and our sense of survival.

Orange chakra beads

Amber resin or other orange-colored gemstones are good for your sacral chakra. If you want to keep your creative energy flowing, consider a chakra bracelet with amber resin or carnelian to boost your creativity. It also keeps you from procrastination and gives you strength to complete your tasks today.

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Orange-colored gems help boost your sexual and creative energies.Using chakra bracelets with amber resin, sunstone, and carnelian helps you address your lack of motivation and inspiration.

Yellow chakra beads

Yellow gemstones like tiger’s eye wards off negativity and makes you feel grounded when the times get tough. The color also represents vibrant energy, optimism, and positivity as it is the same as the sunlight. Wearing a bracelet with yellow-colored stones like tiger’s eye and citrine will help you address your indecisiveness and low self-esteem.

Green chakra beads

Amplify the energy of love within you with Rose quartz, imperial stone, or other green-colored gems to balance your heart chakra. These stones can also help you strengthen self-love or fuel your relationship with a special someone. We associate green with life and nature and perceive it as having a calming and healing property.

Blue chakra beads

Stones that come in blue-green varieties are good for your throat chakra. A chakra bracelet with blue turquoise, amazonite, and lapis lazuli helps you gain confidence to speak the truth and express yourself. They enhance your communication abilities, self-expression, and mental clarity.

Indigo chakra beads

The vibrant color labradorite and sodalite keep the energy moving for your third-eye chakra. Using a bracelet with these gems helps enhance your intuitive nature and makes you see the bigger picture. This is because the color indigo supports clarity and inner wisdom, which the third-eye chakra governs.

Violet chakra beads

We often link the highest level of consciousness and spirituality with violet and golden white. Using chakra bracelets with violet- and golden-white-colored gems helps you cleanse and balance your crown chakra. Stones like amethyst, diamond, and clear quartz help address emotional distress and a feeling of isolation.


Chakra bracelets can help improve your mind-body connection and your life. However, keep in mind that these wristlets do not work alone.

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The power of energy and healing comes from the mind. Thus, chakra bracelets could only work if you believe in it. Just like other methods of opening and balancing your body’s key energy centers. The use of chakra bracelets work well with other essential components. Cleanse yourself from negativity from all aspects of your life so you’d be open to receive the positive energy.

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