How to Use a Chakra Pendulum on Yourself?


Last Updated on January 17, 2021

A pendulum is an object that has a string or a chain of metal or leather attached to it and it swings back and forth or moves in a circular motion. They often make it up of wood, glass, metals, and crystals, and it comes in many shapes and sizes. People use a pendulum to aid in spiritual healing as it amplifies the energy flow in our body.

A pendulum can bring one into a meditative state, clear one’s body’s energy field, and sense the state of each of your primary chakras. It is one tool you can use to balance your energy centers, cleanse your aura, and clear the blocked energy pathways in your body.

In this article, you will learn

  • how to choose your pendulum
  • how to use a chakra pendulum on yourself
  • what the pendulum movements mean

Using a chakra pendulum

Before using a pendulum, it is essential that it resonates with your body and its energy field. Keep it close to you for days for it to absorb your energy. Seek help from your higher self and spirit guides to bless the pendulum before use and influence its movement.

It is also important to cleanse your pendulum with sage, or soak it in sea salt if the crystal used for it is water and salt friendly. Once you’re done with these initial steps, then you’re ready to do the ritual yourself with these guidelines:

Relax your mind

Anyone can do a chakra pendulum ritual, anytime and anywhere, as long as they have researched the things they need and the steps to take beforehand. However, it is way better to find a quiet place where you can put your mind in a state of calmness, free from noise, worries, and stress. Set your focus and pick a crystal or candles to aid you with meditation.

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Know the primary chakras’ location

It’s essential that you know where your primary energy centers are located, so you’d easily identify which area of your body and aspect of your life that needs your attention. Enumerated below are the seven primary chakras and where you can find them.

  • Root chakra is at the base of your spine.
  • Sacral chakra is in between the root chakra and the waist.
  • Solar plexus chakra is in between the navel and the breastbone
  • Heart chakra is at the center of the chest
  • Throat chakra is in the throat
  • Third-eye chakra is in between the eyebrows
  • Crown chakra is on top of your head

Choose your pendulum

They make pendulums with materials that have unique healing properties that can enhance and help you with chakra healing. When choosing one for your ritual, consider first the intention and the goal you set for conducting such activity.

For energy healing practices and healing your energy centers, for example, a pendulum with chakra gemstones would be an excellent choice. When meditating and connecting to your higher self, you may use merkabah pendulums. The Indian Rosewood pendulum can help you heal with compassion.

It is best to buy your own pendulum at a physical store. This means you can test if it responds to you so you both vibrate the same energy frequency.

Hold the pendulum by the end of the string and ask two questions, answerable by yes or no. If the pendulum did not have any movement, then you go on and test another until you find the perfect one.

Conversely, you will have found the right pendulum for you if it is responsive by swinging in certain directions.

If you don’t have the time to visit a physical store, then you can opt for buying one online. You won’t be able to test your pendulum, so you have to focus on choosing the one made of a gemstone that you are familiar with. Read up on the chakra crystals and buy the one you need.

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Preparing your pendulum for questions

Before asking your actual questions, condition your pendulum to show you what “yes” and “no” look like. It can be in its direction or movement. Start asking questions you already know the answers to test the pendulum.

To make the most out of the ritual, prepare your questions ahead. Ask as many questions so you’d gain more insights and guidance. Remember that there may be some questions in which the pendulum may stay still, so you have to be ready with other alternative questions.

Observe the pendulum movements

Observe the pendulum movements

Begin by laying down on your back or sitting back with your feet flat on the floor. Hold the pendulum using your thumb and forefinger and place it about four to six inches above each of your key chakra. Observe the movement and direction of the pendulum and note the brief list below for the meaning of each movement.

  • Clockwise movement. It means that the chakra is full, balanced, and open.
  • Counter-clockwise movement. It means that you have clogged energy and unreleased emotions that related to that specific chakra.
  • Elliptical swing. There may be some imbalances in the energy flow. You may overuse your left-side energy (nurturing side) or the right-side energy (masculine side).
  • Erratic swing. If you are performing this chakra pendulum exercise on yourself, this kind of pendulum movement means that you are going through a spiritual pandemonium.
  • No movement. If this happens during the chakra pendulum exercise, it’s because you are pointing the pendulum in the incorrect location or you have a blockage in that specific energy center.


Take the steps mentioned above when you use a chakra pendulum on yourself or others. Self-cleansing, setting your focus, and using tools can help you do this kind of practice. Apart from the pendulum, try to prepare your chakra candles and gemstones and find a quiet place for you to make the ritual work.

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