What Is Cosmic Energy Healing and How Can I Use It?


Last Updated on February 10, 2023

Interested in cosmic consciousness, cosmic energy healing, and vibing with the entire cosmos?

Then this article is for you.

Here, we’ll cover the bases regarding cosmic energy healing. Let’s discuss what it is, why it’s important to know about it, and how to deal with it.

What is cosmic energy healing?

Cosmic Energy Healing

Cosmic energies are cosmic rays of energy for the conscious mind. They have the power of tapping into divine consciousness, your higher consciousness, and supreme consciousness. 

Cosmic energy healing is about ensuring uninterrupted blood flow is circulating throughout your body. The energy should flow harmoniously from the Muladhara chakra or root chakra all the way to the solar plexus chakra and crown chakra.

You can think of it as universal energy — it governs everything on this planet. It exists basically wherever there’s an energy field. You can find it in the galaxy, solar system, universe, and air.

Additionally, all things in the microcosm are fueled by cosmic energies. Everybody uses energy to a constant degree. 

Concerns about cosmic energy

However, our minds tend to be dominated by thoughts that will never be seen. It’s why so we can’t use them in optimum conditions. 

The energy in the subject is kinetic — a huge kinetic cosmic energy. It moves and it can go away. When one wants positive cosmic energy in their life one has to keep an open mind. 

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For one, one of the practices you can do is meditation. Meditation can help focus our minds. Notably, it reduces the thought process, silences thoughts, and allows us ample cosmic energy in ourselves.

Through the healing power of the cosmic rays of energy or cosmic energy healing, you’ll gain more cosmic energy and cosmic power — a power that improves defenses and special defense levels of users individually. 

Cosmic energy vs. spiritual energy

Man Looking at the Universe

Cosmic energies exist wherever cosmic rays exist.  

Cosmic energies aren’t always easy to find, though. Only unless you constantly live in an intimate and peaceful place, you may find it there.

Once we find it, we need to protect it. And to protect this energy, we must maintain a sense of balance throughout our lives and it is necessary to grow awareness. After all, the power that comes with cosmic energy isn’t something that stays the same unless we sharpen it.

You can say the same about spiritual energy. It’s likely the reason cosmic energy and spiritual energy are often used interchangeably. 

On some level, cosmic energy and spiritual energy are similar. But upon closer look, you’ll notice a striking difference.

Spiritual energy refers to internal and external forces that bring energy. Meanwhile, the purest cosmic energy is a narrowed-down version — and it only refers to external forces or your external spiritual energy.

Caring for the cosmic rays of energy

The positive and negative impact of cosmic energy arises from the sheer absence of neglect for your entire body. If you strive to look and feel inherently good, you can nurture cosmic energy worth sharing.

Ways on how to take care of cosmic energy:

  • Examine – Perform a self-reflection and explore your beliefs thoroughly. Understand why you believe in things strongly and prepare to be antifragile or dismantle any fragile belief systems.
  • Expand – Spend time in a variety of places. The goal is to stimulate your mind and accommodate the most radical perspectives.
  • Exercise – Sweat it out — 30 minutes to one hour of physical activity is good for you.
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How can I send and receive cosmic energy?

To send and receive cosmic energy, you need to sharpen key areas of your human body and your mind. With willpower and a great deal of focus, you can tap into it.

Ways of sending and receiving cosmic energy:

  • Prioritize mindfulness meditation – Be fully aware of the present moment or your present situation in life. And face it as it is — no pretense and no half-truths.
  • Correct ego problems – Concentrate on things other than yourself. Be reminded the world is home to a much bigger entity.
  • Decluttering – Clean and organize your life. Unapologetically remove attachments from your being, too.

How to do cosmic energy meditation

The idea of how to get spiritual power through meditation or letting cosmic energy work wonders is simply to breathe in fresh vibes and positive energy. And off goes negative energy.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 – Immediately start the breathing exercises

Cosmic energy meditation promotes a holistic approach to healing. If you do it right, it can help you achieve true wellness.

To begin, simply locate an isolated area and breathe. You can even set up your own space and add candles to make you feel more relaxed. This initial may be simple.

It’s of utmost importance, however, to be in a place of solitude. If something causes a distraction, the positive vibes can find their way out of your whole body.

Step 2 – Start breathing in your diaphragm and breathe out into your belly, so your chest drops

Now, focus on how you breathe. Breathing is a natural process and you can do it as you please.

However, for cosmic energy meditation, matters are rather different. Rather than just breathe in and breathe out as you normally do, breathe in deeply — as deeply as possible.

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Once you can’t take in any more air, it’s time to breathe out.

Step  3 – Repeat 20 times

Now that you’re familiar with the deep breathing exercise, create a plan and implement this practice in your routine.

at best, create a daily plan. Then move up to a weekly plan. And finally, you’ll have it in your monthly plan.

For every cosmic breathing exercise session, repeated breathing (20 times) is suggested. And to maximize the results, be sure to do this exercise at least 3 times every day.


The power that lies within cosmic energy is immense. And cosmic energies always have positive and negative effects on you. 

That’s why you need to take good care of it. Try as you may, you can’t “forcefully” influence it to affect you in any way.

Rather, you need to invest time. Time, along with healthy practices, can do magnificent wonders for cosmic energy — and for you.

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